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Duh, duh, duh.

This is such an obvious addition to the iconic Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour line, it’s amazing they didn’t think of it before.  (Since we’re a fount of product ideas ourselves, it’s amazing we didn’t think of it before, and suggest this…)

It offers all the skin-repairing, barrier-against-the-elements protection of the classic original – but in a softly shiny clear balm-gloss.  And it features our favourite style of applicator:  the angled tip, which always makes for easy slicking (without needing a mirror).  Vitamin E and sunscreen feaures, too (though there’s absolutely no ‘taste’, unlike some sunscreen lip products.)  The one thing we do need to point out:  in contrast to the name, it’s not specifically long-lasting and will need reapplication during the day.

Chic red packaging with Art Deco type, though.

And so much better late than never.

UK readers find Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lipgloss at£20 – buy here


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Autumn.  Hmmm, funny time for a bronzer launch.

But this isn’t for the beach – it’s for the ballroom, or at the very least the office Christmas party.  (They’ll be upon us before we know it.)

Award-winning fake-tan-meisters He-Shi have packed this instant bronzing gel with hydrating elements (including vitamin E/quinoa protein) – but what we love is the shimmery glimmeriness of it.

Little particles of sparkle enhance an existing tan – and the bronzing gel is ‘buildable’, meaning you can layer it for extra depth of bronzitude.  (And extra dazzle.)  Great all-over, or simply across the décolletage, on arms/shoulders – and shins.  (Good news, meanwhile:  it’s very reasonably-priced.)

October may only just be upon us, but we say:  bring on the mistletoe.

UK readers find it at£10.50 for 150 ml – buy here


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It’s Friday.

Fancy a cocktail?

Fancy a cocktail of skin-nourishing shea butter and vitamin E, actually, infused with a fruit scent…?

We just adore the packaging of these MAD Beauty Cocktail Shaker Hand & Body Lotions – and can think of several teenagers just old enough to hit the Bacardi Breezers who we’ll be giving them to.  (Though our advice:  go for Apple Martini or Cranberry Cosmopolitan – nicely tangy, that – rather than Strawberry Daiquiri, which tips over slightly into Opal Fruit-iness.)

The thing about MAD Beauty’s creations, we’ve found, is that they look girly and gimmicky but perform rather well:  notwithstanding the funky bottle (there’s a pump, beneath that silver shaker-top), the lotion itself is deliciously and instantly skin-quenching, even for mature skins like ours.

Chin, chin!!!

UK readers find MAD Beauty Cocktail Shaker Hand & Body Cream at£8.99 for 300 ml – click here

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We’re often badgered by young women – really young, twentysomething women (and even the occasional teen) – about how to ward off the ageing process.

To which the general answer is:  slap on an SPF15 every day (preferably higher), because prevention is way easier than cure, honey…

However, anyone wishing to add in an ‘anti-ageing’ product at a tender age might like to start with this lightweight Superboost Moisturising Serum.  It’s from a ‘baby sister’ range to Elemis which features many great ‘stepping-stone’ products for anyone who’s finding their way within skincare.  No harsh chemicals, no paint stripper toners and nothing over-fragranced or too-rich.

What this does is super-charge skin with moisture.  It’s deeply hydrating, thanks to hyaluronic acid and ceramides, together with plum oil (don’t worry, it’s not greasy) and antioxidant vitamin E.  Use it alone, or under a moisturiser in order to rev up radiance.

Only do make sure that moisturiser contains an SPF, if you really do care about those wrinkles.

UK readers find freshskin by Elemis Superboost Moisturising Serum at
£18 for 30 ml – just click here





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At Beauty Bible we’re already B-I-G fans of This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle:  a smooth bronzing serum for legs which has for the past couple of years been a godsend in springtime, when soaring temperatures can send us scurrying to the nearest loo to remove our tights – only to reveal legs the colour of unbaked pastry.  Never a good look.  (See also Tuesday’s blog posting, about Spray de Solé.)

Immediately it launched, in fact, Perfect Legs Skin Miracle (from Vogue beauty guru Kathy Phillips) became our universal quick-fix for pale legs because it smooths on in the blink of an eye creating a gorgeous tanned finish:  no streaking, and none of the biscuit tin/hamster cage aroma still so common to fake tannery.

Now along comes Perfect Legs Gradual Tan, which does indeed have a touch of self-tanner in the serum formula.  It still delivers the instant bronzitude of the original, but s-l-o-w-l-y, a sun-kissed glow appears which won’t wash off again.  Simply top up as required, when you’ve reached the desired shade.  It contains natural-source DHA and erythulose (a sugar-derived tanning agent), plus vits C and E. (No Hobnobby hints as this develops, however.)

So when that fleeting, premature summer returns again, we’re completely ready to throw Wolfords to the wind…

UK:£37 for 120 ml – click here
US:   click here to find it on This Works US site/$70 for 4 fl oz

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