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Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

To be honest, until the last couple of years Clarins never wowed us with their make-up – but that’s all changed.  And this is the latest in a series of fab finds.

A gold compact so pretty that surely even Miss Manners wouldn’t mind if you whipped it out at table to deepen your already-smoky eyes.

Incredibly wearable shades:  browns, beiges and a taupe-bronze with a jewel-like finish.

Smooth-as-silk textures.

(Though we don’t care what Clarins say:  we’re still going to ditch the fiddly little applicators – despite their high quality – and use our own pro-quality brushes.)

The result, though, is a super-flattering evening look.  In fact, we’re almost mistletoe-worthy and it’s only 6th November…!

UK readers find Clarins Odyssey Eye Quartet Mineral Palette at£30 – buy here (and it’s limited edition so do be quick!)

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Sad but true:  we even go beauty-shopping when on holiday.  (There’s probably a 12-step programme for this, but what the heck:  there are worse vices.)

And tant pis – because this is how Jo stumbled upon Ellis Faas‘s range, in a little beautique in Lille.  Whereupon these pen-style shadows became her favourite-ever cream shadows, gliding on smoothly and then setting to a budge-proof finish that would survive – well, even a Jubilee weekend downpour.

These velvety cream-to-powder creations are densely-pigmented so a little goes a long way, but are very ‘buildable’ if you want serious depth of colour:  just brush-and-blend.  A little like a Touche Eclat, you have to twist the end to ‘prime’ the shadow, but then it glides on like a dream.  There are some bright and pastel colours but some terrific neutrals, too:  Jo’s favourite is E107, a classic taupe.

Dutch-born Ellis has been described by Vogue as ‘one of the most influential make-up artists of her time’ and we look forward to meeting her someday, because the whole range is pretty darned fab.  (A lot of it is pen-style, for ease – and she even sells an ammunition-style belt, to slip the ‘pens’ into, if you’re really serious.  If you happen to be passing Liberty, incidentally, your can explore the range in the beauty hall.)

We’re simply Faas-inated.

UK readers find Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes at£23 – click here
US and EU readers find the shadows on the same site, which ships internationally:  $36/ €26 (simply input your currency before shopping)



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Don’t be put off by the fact this product has the word ‘tattoo’ in the name:  Maybelline New York Color Tattoo 24Hr is actually an eyeshadow.  A marathon-wear eyeshadow.  (We think you probably could run a real-life marathon in this and it would stay firmly in place.)

The fact that the formula is so long-lasting is quite scary, in the case of several of the shades.  (There’s a really intense purple and an azure turquoise which maybe ought to carry a printed warning for anyone over 21.)  But – as so often is the case, with collections of brights – there’s a truly brilliant neutral lurking in the collection.  Very quietly.  A soft, flattering, perfect smokey grey-taupe (shade name:  Permanent Taupe).  Apply with a fingertip, blend – and in about two seconds flat, eyes are shaded beautifully.  And once it’s there, it’s THERE. Oh, boy is it THERE.  No creasing/smudging/movement at all.

There isn’t oodles of playtime before it ‘sets’ so you may have to practice once or twice to perfect your technique.  But this is completely brilliant for mornings when you’re time-poor and don’t want to head out of the door completely bare-faced.  It’s best on primed/prepped lids, but works perfectly fine on a lid to which you’ve already applied a touch of cream or serum.  On entirely naked lids, it’s harder to smooth into the skin, and seems to set even more speedily.

There are a couple of other shade options which come under the ‘wearable’ banner (just):  Eternal Gold and On and On Bronze.  Used incredibly lightly – literally the teensiest touch – the gold’s attractive on the brow-bone, and the bronze, we’ve found, is nice on the inner top eyelid to bring a little ‘light’ to the eye.  But you really need to experiment because there’s some serious shimmer in these:  it’s easy to tip over into 70s disco diva-dom.

Though if that’s your thing, these would be just great.  And would still be dazzling from a distance when the bouncers at Studio 54 were ushering you towards the door at closing time…



UK readers find them here/£4.99 at
US readers find them here/$6.99 at
(The shadows even have their own Facebook page here)

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