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Early we may be.

But frankly, Jo starts buying her Christmas presents in February and we think there’s no such thing as ‘Too Organised’ when it comes to the festive season.

So this is our second ‘stocking filler’ suggestion (which would also be a sure-fire hit if your Secret Santa budget stretches to a tenner).

It features a trio of travel sizes of Dr.Hauschka‘s iconic (we don’t use the word lightly), bestselling rose products:  Rose Body Oil, Rose Body Moisturiser and Rose Day Cream, all packed with the blissful scent of biodynamic roses which are picked daily on their own farms while the dew’s still on the petals.

Over the years we have discovered that rose is the No. 1 favourite skincare/bodycare smell for our Beauty Bible testers – so we think you’ll love having your senses bathed in this lot.

That Christmas list…?  Your prospects of getting it all done in good time may just be looking a little rosier, with this…

UK readers find Dr.Hauschka Rose Mini Rose Trio Gift Set at£8.95 – buy here


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Lovely, home-grown Lyn Harris is one of our most talented perfumers. We’re huge fans of Miller Harris Un Aire de Rien, Citron Citron (one of the best reasons to visit Firmdale Hotels, where they savvily have the hand wash and cream in the loos), La Fumée… (You can read Jo’s rave about that particular fragrance, here.)

But Lyn’s fragrances, with their high-quality ingredients, have until now always been priced at the ‘splurge’ level. Birthdays, anniversaries, special treats etc.

Not surprisingly, then, her By Lyn Harris Perfumer London fragrances have skyrocketed to the top of the sales charts at M&S Your Beauty, the new beauty ‘concept’ department currently rolling out across the UK at lightning speed. There’s Le Cologne: a classic citrus (and unisex, with it). La Fleur, pulsing with white gardenia and Indian tuberose, shimmering above soft woods. Le Noir: deep, dark and smokily, with its amber and patchouli base. La Rose is – as the name suggests – a perfect rose concoction, while Le Sauvage is the one you’ll be buying for his side of the bathroom shelf (then nicking): zesty with orange and grapefruit, with an aromatic heart underpinned by classic vetiver/oakmoss/tobacco.

But our absolute favourite – as a couple of Shalimar-lovers from way back – is La Poudrée, a fabulous Oriental with nuances of peach and raspberry among a wafting cloud or iris, orange flower, rose, vanilla and musk.  It’s utterly divine (and has elicited lots of ‘ooh, what are you wearing?’ comments which is always the best sign.

And what’s that other ingredient we’re trying to get our nostrils round…?

That’ll be the sweet smell of success, that will.

UK readers find Lyn Harris Fragrances at selected Marks & Spencer stores (those with Your Beauty department) and£25 for 50 ml Eau de Parfum – buy here


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Micellar cleansing waters are the lazy babe’s perfect cleanser, swiping away all traces of make-up with a few sweeps of a drenched cotton wool pad.  (Or preferably two or three.)

We’ve often wondered how come micellar waters are just SO darned effective, and now we know.  You know how those e-cloths are just so brilliant for attracting dirt…?  Well, these also contain electrically-charged particles which do the same thing.  Hence how you can get such dramatic cleansing results from something that looks pretty much like pure drinking water.

This, though, is the nicest-smelling version we’ve found yet, from French organic brand Melvita, and smelling – well, like burying your face in a bunch of garden roses, with the merest whisper of Turkish delight in the background.  It’s one of a quartet of new skin treats designed for even the most sensitive, dry skins under the Rose Nectar banner, featuring gentle, skin-friendly ingredients to leave skin dewy and soothed.

In fact, if you visit our main website right now – you’ve the chance to enter a prize draw to win one of six sets of the Rose Nectar range, each worth £53 in all.

Just click here, and it could be roses, roses all the way…

UK readers find Melvita Rose Nectar Eau Fraiche Micellaire at£14.50 for 200 ml – click here


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This is so exceptionally clever we almost squeaked with delight.  (Not attractive, but in this job it does happen.)

You remember the vogue for lipsticks with a mirror on the tube…?  We’ve always thought that was clever – but the seriously brilliant Noir de Guerlain takes things to a whole new level.

When you unclick the mascara wand from the tube, this oh-so-cunning gizmo gives you a really good-size hinged mirror so you can apply the volumising, lengthening mascara on the go, without poking the brush in your eye or on your cheek.

It’s seriously black (as the name suggests) – and to be honest, black is the only mascara we ever advise using.  We know blondes who swear by brown, but trust us:  black’s the way to go.  This mascara curls well, too, proving remarkably flake/smudge-proof.

It also has a pretty fragrance (as we might expect from Guerlain):  a touch of rose and jasmine, white peach and a crisp, green note.  Not that anyone’s going to be sniffing your lashes, but it does further enhance the pleasure of application.

What tickles us even more is that the wand is refillable, so there’s no need to throw out this beautiful handbag accessory, which we think Miss Manners would almost approve  it for at-the-dinner-table mascara application.

UK readers find Noir G de Guerlain/£35 at if you click here;  refills £19 if you click here
US readers find it here/$49 at if you click here;  refills $26 here


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