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This is the moment in the beauty calendar when many, many women’s skins change – taking a turn for the worst and going from nice and dewy (in summer) to tight as a drum, due to that double-whammy of central heating and biting north winds.

The rule is:  more moisture, more often.  More is more!  But this is one of the pleasantest ways to quench your skin’s thirst that we know of.

It’s super-soft, as the name suggests.  And super-raspberry-y (is that an adjective…?  Well it is now!)  And that’s raspberry-y in a smells-like-a-lovely-just-picked-bowl-of-raspberries way than a synthetic fruit way.  (Makes us quite nostalgic for summer, actually.)

Leave on for 10 minutes (it won’t do any harm to lie back and enjoy it for longer than that), and remove with a flannel, we recommend.  Skin’s pleasantly plumped, thanks to a combination of plant extracts that include raspberry, pear, fig, passion fruit, hyaluronic acid and honey.

Fine for all skintypes.  But as winter approaches, just brrrrrr-illiant for dry complexions like ours.

UK readers find Dr. Renaud Raspberry Soft Mask at£19.50 for 50 ml – buy here

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Basically, we worship the water that Terry de Gunzburg walks on.

The woman who created Touche Eclat for YSL…  What can we add?  (Terry was Creative Director there for years.)

And we are utterly devoted to – and constantly wowed by – her make-up creations.  On a recent visit to Paris, Jo even snuck into the By Terry boutique in the gorgeous, jewel-like Galerie Véro-Dodat, and made a few discreet lipstick purchases.  With her own money.  Which is either certifiable (considering we get sent hundreds every year), or the highest accolade a make-up artist could wish for.

It only remains to add that we’re simply blown away by this amazing powder.  It looks like icing sugar in the tub, is actually cooling on the skin – and somehow moisturises, while leaving skin looking like velvet.  It’s soft as a cloud, feels weightless – and ultimately doesn’t leave you looking in the least dusty. (Though you have to give it a moment:  initially, the result is a bit ‘white’, till it somehow fuses with the skin and morphs into the perfect, complexion-matched shade.  Keep the faith;  it’s worth it.)

Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder packed with skin-plumping hyaluronic acid which probably tops our list of all-time favourite cosmetic ingredients (and also works to nourish within:  we take it in supplement form).

We are not worthy, we are not worthy…  But Terry:  we’re loving this, nonetheless.

UK readers find By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder at£41 – buy here

US readers find it at$59 – buy here


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Oh, Darcey, Darcey, Darcey Bussell:  how do we love thee…?  Let us count the ways.

First of all, for your elegance.  And bravery:  not for all the tea in Stratford would we have careered down a wire into the Olympics closing ceremony.  Thirdly, we love you for having enough of a sense of humour to become a judge on Strictly this autumn.  (Forget about counting the ways:  we’re counting the days.)

So with Darcey’s star once again in the ascendant, The Sanctuary certainly lucked out with the timing of their announcement that she was the new face of their anti-ageing skincare.  That was a few months ago, and we’ve now had time to try the products – declaring this two-step mask our firm  favourite.

It’s fun-to-use, too:  slather on the Peptide Transformation Serum, then a layer of the Thermal Rose Clay Mask.  We adore how this heats up on the skin, encouraging penetration of the skin-plumping hyaluronic acid.  Used regularly, it’s said to reverse crêpiness – but what we’d also say is that it’s great whenever skin’s looking drab or dehydrated, in need of an urgent boost.

In fact, this duo will be doing a pas de deux on our bathroom shelves for some time to come.

UK readers find The Sanctuary 30 Day Thermal Transformation at£27.50 for 75 ml (mask) and 50 ml (serum) – buy here


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There are, in our experience, very few products that can live up to the ‘miracle’ promise.  But hallelujah:  here is one that does.  And then some.

It’s not like any other mask you’ve ever tried.  Pour 60 ml of water into the shaker.  Add the contents of a sachet.  Shake well till it goes ‘silent’, and then get slathering FAST with the spatula.  The pink powder is transformed into a rubbery paste and you’ve got a minute or so to apply it all over your face and the back of your hands.  (We find it easiest to do this in front of a mirror, to see where it’s going and ensure even distribution.)

Then lie back and let the extraordinary mixture of Moroccan lava clay, vitamin C, brown algae and rose oil (yes, it’s got a lovely scent) work its magic.  The real clincher is a mega-dose of hyaluronic acid which is ‘trapped’ by the mask, plumping up skin to the point where when Jo tried this the first time, she looked in the mirror and saw the complexion of a 12-year-old staring back.  Every line gone.  That particular effect only lasts a few hours, but the skin-brightening radiance is enduring, and makes this truly worth £9-a-pop.  (Console yourself that it’s a fraction of the cost of a superfacial with Ms. Chapman herself.)

What’s really fun is peeling it off afterwards.  Sooooooo satisfying.  (Just do follow the caveat and avoid the hairline, though, or you’ll be at it for hours.)

The other miracle?  After an initial sell-out, Instant Miracle Mask is now back in stock.

UK readers find it at£38 for four sachets – click here
(Do go via the Victoria Health page on our site – just click here – to enjoy an automatic 5% discount added at checkout)
US readers find it at$75 – click here

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We’re often badgered by young women – really young, twentysomething women (and even the occasional teen) – about how to ward off the ageing process.

To which the general answer is:  slap on an SPF15 every day (preferably higher), because prevention is way easier than cure, honey…

However, anyone wishing to add in an ‘anti-ageing’ product at a tender age might like to start with this lightweight Superboost Moisturising Serum.  It’s from a ‘baby sister’ range to Elemis which features many great ‘stepping-stone’ products for anyone who’s finding their way within skincare.  No harsh chemicals, no paint stripper toners and nothing over-fragranced or too-rich.

What this does is super-charge skin with moisture.  It’s deeply hydrating, thanks to hyaluronic acid and ceramides, together with plum oil (don’t worry, it’s not greasy) and antioxidant vitamin E.  Use it alone, or under a moisturiser in order to rev up radiance.

Only do make sure that moisturiser contains an SPF, if you really do care about those wrinkles.

UK readers find freshskin by Elemis Superboost Moisturising Serum at
£18 for 30 ml – just click here





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It was with the very, very greatest fear and trepidation that we tried Spray di Solé Sun Gelée.

It’s all very well knowing that this bronzer/self-tanner is ‘taking Hollywood by storm’.  But on this side of the pond, in April, it’s going to be used on skin which basically looks like it’s spent winter under a stone.  Serious room for error, here.

At first pump this looks scarily like Camp Coffee (remember that stuff…?).  The thin, tan-tinted liquid’s also reminiscent of Guerlain’s long-lost Teint Créole, which was for years Beauty Bible’s go-to leg tint.  (Very first we ever used, actually.)

The secret weapon, here, is the kabuki brush.  We’d never have thought of putting on a face tint/self-tanner with a kabuki brush – but this one’s synthetic and if you squirt one or two pumps into the bristles, that’s all that’s needed for an immediate glow, and longer-term tanning.  Through the swirling action, it blends amazingly into skin for flawless results (not a word we use lightly) – and because it’s tinted, you can see exactly where it goes.  It features hyaluronic acid so it feels comfy on skin, and make-up goes on easily, on top.

So far, so good.  So far, so nail-biting, nonetheless, because exactly how dark would it go, after eight hours’ development…?  The answer is:  perfectly, lightly sun-kissed.  Jo tried it before the weekend and has ever since had people telling her how well she looks, and ‘is that a Hastings tan…?’  Which it is.  (Hastings being the sunniest spot in Britain.)  A total cheat, however, acquired in her bathroom, where frequent top-ups will be applied during the summer season.

The how-to video on Spray de Solé’s site here suggests it can be used to cover up tan lines, too.  Good wheeze.  And if you’re a real wuss, there’s a Liquid Bronzer version that washes right off again.

UK readers click here to find Spray di Solé Sun Gelée at£42 for 15 ml (including brush)
NB  To take advantage of a special discount at VH, click here for our site, then click through to VH.  Takes a few clicks but worth it to save £2.10, no…?
US readers find it here/$49

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