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This is the moment in the beauty calendar when many, many women’s skins change – taking a turn for the worst and going from nice and dewy (in summer) to tight as a drum, due to that double-whammy of central heating and biting north winds.

The rule is:  more moisture, more often.  More is more!  But this is one of the pleasantest ways to quench your skin’s thirst that we know of.

It’s super-soft, as the name suggests.  And super-raspberry-y (is that an adjective…?  Well it is now!)  And that’s raspberry-y in a smells-like-a-lovely-just-picked-bowl-of-raspberries way than a synthetic fruit way.  (Makes us quite nostalgic for summer, actually.)

Leave on for 10 minutes (it won’t do any harm to lie back and enjoy it for longer than that), and remove with a flannel, we recommend.  Skin’s pleasantly plumped, thanks to a combination of plant extracts that include raspberry, pear, fig, passion fruit, hyaluronic acid and honey.

Fine for all skintypes.  But as winter approaches, just brrrrrr-illiant for dry complexions like ours.

UK readers find Dr. Renaud Raspberry Soft Mask at£19.50 for 50 ml – buy here

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Rosacea.  Hives.  Eczema.  Flaking nails.  Dry skin.

We get e-mails and letters all the time from women suffering from the above – and so many other beauty challenges – wanting info about lotions and potions to smooth in/slap on, which might help the problem.

But often (and it’s sometimes hard for women to hear this), the bottom line is that our skin is what we eat.  (Hair and nails, too.)

Now, we’ve always advocated this inside-out approach to beauty, alongside products.  But this excellent book from Hollywood A-list dermatologist and Harvard graduate Dr. Jessica Wu literally hands you the answers to many common beauty challenges on a plate.  It contains fascinating case histories.  Scrummy recipes.  And general nutritional tips for beating everything from Keratosis pilaris (‘chicken skin’) to flushing, psoriasis to allergic reactions.

What’s more, because the skin is the last organ in the body to get the nutrients we ingest, you’ll also end up with a rather gorgeous pancreas, liver and gall bladder, too.

Food for thought indeed.

UK readers find Feed Your Face/£9.09 at – click here
US readers find it at $10.80 – click here

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We’re slightly putting our reputations on the line here – but we don’t think you’ll ever find a better hand cream, at a better price, than this.

The name may sound like something out of a Carry On film – but this is really very special, packed with (almost totally natural) ingredients including lashings of almond, wheatgerm, pomegranate seed and passion fruit seed oils, white willow bark extract, aloe vera and manuka honey.  It’s as rich as it sounds, but it sinks in to leave hands satin-soft.

The story behind it’s really inspiring:  26-year-old paediatric nurse Antonia Steven developed it when she was herself signed off work because her sore, cracked hands (the result of frequent hand washing and use of those beastly-if-necessary sanitizers) were actually posing an infection control risk.  Yes! Nurse is the result, after it soothed not only her hands but universally those of her colleagues.

And now it’s worked its magic on Jo’s. Following a recent wrist operation, she was suffering from ‘handruff’ – the hand equivalent of dandruff, with skin so dry it was flaking off.  After a single application of this extraordinary cream her skin was back to normal and is now healthy and moisturised again.

So we will most definitely be carrying on, with this.  Oh, yes, nurse.

UK readers find Yes, Nurse! Intensive Moisturising Hand Formula at£5.49 for 50 ml – just click here
(Do go via the Victoria Health page on our site, though – just click here – to enjoy an automatic 5% discount added at checkout)

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