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Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

To be honest, until the last couple of years Clarins never wowed us with their make-up – but that’s all changed.  And this is the latest in a series of fab finds.

A gold compact so pretty that surely even Miss Manners wouldn’t mind if you whipped it out at table to deepen your already-smoky eyes.

Incredibly wearable shades:  browns, beiges and a taupe-bronze with a jewel-like finish.

Smooth-as-silk textures.

(Though we don’t care what Clarins say:  we’re still going to ditch the fiddly little applicators – despite their high quality – and use our own pro-quality brushes.)

The result, though, is a super-flattering evening look.  In fact, we’re almost mistletoe-worthy and it’s only 6th November…!

UK readers find Clarins Odyssey Eye Quartet Mineral Palette at£30 – buy here (and it’s limited edition so do be quick!)

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Cute.  V-e-r-y cute.

Think:  stylish, magnetically-closed palette.  (Not just emblazoned with owls on the outside – which as you may have noticed are the creature emblem du jour this season – but even the shadows themselves have owlish outlines.)

Think:  wearable shades, in lovely, soft textures, including soft bronze, shiny silver, dark blue and a good neutral flesh tone.

Think:  just £7.50.

Woo-hoo!  As our owl friends would say…

UK readers find M&S Limited Collection Shadow at M&S stores (stockists 0845-302 1234) or£7.50 – buy here



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Can a nail polish really be worth £25 (make that $30, Stateside)…?

Er, yes, we think it probably can, having slicked toenails and fingernails with these. The polish glides on super-smoothly and it really does have a ‘lacquered’ finish (very shiny-new-car, if you get our drift:  that wonderful depth and shimmer which expensive motors have).

There are 16 shades in the collection (launched just before Christmas) with some seasonal additions.  And it’s Spring 2012′s that have our heart beating that little bit faster, in particular the seriously bling gold (Gold Haze), gunmetally silver (Silver Smoke) and – our major crush – Burnished Rouge, which actually goes a deep, lustrous chocolate-y red when applied.

On toenails, it’s a definite last-er:  three weeks and counting without a chip.  And there was a major swoon in Margaret Dabbs New Cavendish Street when we brandished Burnished Rouge from our bags.  (Tip:  we always take our own polish along rather than have fingers or toes painted with a salon’s own polish, so that we can easily touch up any chips, back home.)

As mood-lifting splurges go, these are still way cheaper than a new jacket.

UK:£25 – click here
US:$30 – click here


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