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From the bestselling Beauty Bible team: our latest product finds and classic faves – because they're worth it!

Leaving aside the fact that lovely Daniel Galvin Jr. always deserves a prize for the longest product names ever (beating even Estée Lauder into a cocked hat), this is a great ‘find’.

Remember No More Tangles?  (From Johnson’s, that was the only product which allowed a comb to glide through Jo’s hair, growing up.)  Packed with organic aloe vera, this is a contemporary spin which will make the lives of mothers all over the country easier:  just spritz on, and it’s easy-peasy to get rid of those knots.  (NB  It can be used on wet or dry hair.)  The whole Galvin & Galvin Kids range is free of parabens, SLS, mineral oil or animal ingredients.

We adore the cool-as-a-real-cucumber smell.  And applaud the fact that Daniel – who collaborated on the (late-lamented) Duchy Originals haircare range – is continuing his support of the Prince of Wales’s projects, with £25,000 of the proceeds from the range earmarked for the Prince’s Trust in the first 12 months.

We think that’s rather cool.

UK readers find Galvin & Galvin Kids Organic Dubble Trubble Detangling Conditioner Spray at Morrisons stores nationwide or£2.50 for 200 ml – buy here


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It may still be October, but this is definitely a contender for Beauty Bible‘s Stocking Filler of the Year 2012.

(And no way are these for teens-only:  we happen to know plenty of otherwise mature, sane women who have a soft spot for All Things Kitty.  And they don’t all live in Japan.)

At just £3.99, these are a real beauty steal, in six perfectly lovely shades.  In place of a cap, there’s a pull-off Kitty head (if that doesn’t sound too gruesome).

Maybe not something you’d whip out of your bag to repair your lips in The Wolseley – but guaranteed to bring a smile to the lips along with that swoosh of colour.

UK readers find Hello Kitty Lipticks at£3.99 – buy here


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Daniel Craig, we’re ready for you.

(Actually, Daniel, if you’re ever in the area we’re always ready for you.)

Odeon tickets:  booked.  Kleenex (to wipe away the drool):  packed.

But most fittingly, we’re armed and dangerous with this mini-collection of nail shades from OPI’s The Bondettes Skyfall 007 collection.

The shades all take their names from Bond movies:  Golden Eye (a gorgeous shimmering gold), Live and Let Die (as black as Bond’s tuxedo), The World is Not Enough (a rosy silver which looks fashionably gunmetal on the nail) and The Spy Who Loved Me:  as perfect a red polish as you’ll ever find.

Just remember to shake, not stir, before use.

(Sorry.  Couldn’t resist that one.)

UK readers find Skyfall 007 Mini-Collection at£12.95 for four mini-polishes – buy here (or call 01923-240010 for stockists)


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This is the iPhone 5 of hairdryers.

Gadget-lovers, you’ll adore it.

Plenty of features set the CHI Touch-Screen Hairdryer apart.  For a start, the four screen options allow for total drying control.  (Precise temperature and oomph.  That’s not a technical term per se, but you probably get the drift.)

It’s an infrared ‘ceramic dryer’ – which is beautyspeak for a technology that reduces static and frizz, for a sleeker finish.  Despite being powered by 1800 watts, it’s super-quiet.

We also love the soft-touch rubber finish which makes for easy gripping, and its light weight:  40% less than most hairdryers.

But possibly our favourite feature of all is the ‘memory setting’:  it automatically switches to the last setting you used.

If Apple’s Sir Jony Ive had ever got round to designing a hairdryer, this would definitely be it.  The snag?  It’s £150 (exclusive to Beautique, in the UK).

But that’s half the price of a set of Bose iPhone speakers – and since when did they dry and style your hair like a dream…?

UK readers find the CHI Touch-Screen Hairdryer at£150 – buy here

US readers find it at$299 – buy here

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Basically, we worship the water that Terry de Gunzburg walks on.

The woman who created Touche Eclat for YSL…  What can we add?  (Terry was Creative Director there for years.)

And we are utterly devoted to – and constantly wowed by – her make-up creations.  On a recent visit to Paris, Jo even snuck into the By Terry boutique in the gorgeous, jewel-like Galerie Véro-Dodat, and made a few discreet lipstick purchases.  With her own money.  Which is either certifiable (considering we get sent hundreds every year), or the highest accolade a make-up artist could wish for.

It only remains to add that we’re simply blown away by this amazing powder.  It looks like icing sugar in the tub, is actually cooling on the skin – and somehow moisturises, while leaving skin looking like velvet.  It’s soft as a cloud, feels weightless – and ultimately doesn’t leave you looking in the least dusty. (Though you have to give it a moment:  initially, the result is a bit ‘white’, till it somehow fuses with the skin and morphs into the perfect, complexion-matched shade.  Keep the faith;  it’s worth it.)

Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder packed with skin-plumping hyaluronic acid which probably tops our list of all-time favourite cosmetic ingredients (and also works to nourish within:  we take it in supplement form).

We are not worthy, we are not worthy…  But Terry:  we’re loving this, nonetheless.

UK readers find By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder at£41 – buy here

US readers find it at$59 – buy here


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The central heating’s on.

And if you had very, very sensitive hearing, you could probably hear the moisture being sucked out of your hair.  (And skin, but we’ll come onto that over some wintry Beauty Bible Loves postings.)

So:  from Ojon™ (one of our long-standing hair repairing hero brands) comes this wonder oil.

It has three ‘hair-reparative’ phases (so it’s shake-before-use, like a dual-phase eye make-up remover) – and any resemblance to a FAB ice lolly (remember those?) is purely coincidence.

The nourishing oils include ojon oil, Tahitian mono oil, marula oil, kukui nut oil and Kalahari melon oil – but if you’re thinking ‘instant grease’, you’d be wrong:  just rub one deliciously-scented drop between your palms and skim through your hair to banish dullness, tame frizz and restore silkiness.

It also looks rather gorgeous on the bathroom shelf, which never goes amiss.

We’ll be using it regularly, to avoid succumbing to the epidemic of fried-looking hair at winter’s end which is the only downside of living in a toasty, cosy, centrally-heated world that we can think of…

UK readers find Ojon Rare Blend Oil at£29 for 45 ml – buy here
US readers find it at$35 – buy here





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This teeny visual doesn’t really give an idea of the hefty jar this innovative, all-natural body butter comes in, but it’s all we could lay our hands on.

Small photo, big news, though.  Because Nourish has been created by Pauline Hili, who for years and years was closeted in the labs of Neal’s Yard Remedies, creating their fabulous natural formulations.  Now she’s gone solo (well, teamed up with an on-line dynamo, actually) – and we’re liking what we’re seeing, touching and smelling.

The range is straightforward, honest (organic percentages are listed, as are full ingredients not just on the packaging but the website) – and effective.  Pauline’s signature strength has always been creating naturals that rival mainstream formulations, so you get the performance – but without the synthetics.  Nourish promises treats for face and body – and this example is just delicious:  almost gel-like, yet wonderfully rich – easy to slather from neck to toe, and (unlike some natural body butters we could name) it doesn’t require lots of rubbing-in.

Age-defying ingredients include vitamin C and omega-intense Rosa mosqueta oil, hyaluronic acid, peptides and marine algae.  And yes, at last women outside France are grasping that there’s a lot you can do to repair, restore and renew not just facial skin, but arms, legs, elbows, etc.  (Maybe our message is getting through!)

The scent, meanwhile, is wonderful:   uplifting with mandarin and orange, refreshing the senses as well as the skin.

Just the nourishment a body needs, now the central heating seems to be sapping every last molecule of moisture out of our bodies, in fact…

UK readers find Nourish Nutri-Rich Body Butter at£15.95 for 150 ml – buy here


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We have never been fans of matte lipsticks.

Until now they’ve always felt like the lip equivalent of a pair of jeans that are two sizes too small:  tight, uncomfy – and not really flattering, either, because matte lipsticks can also look flat as well as matte.  In fact, the only way we could bear to wear matte was by slathering on a rich balm beforehand, which sort of defeated the whole point because it basically made it back into a normal lipstick.

Enter St. Bobbi of New York, the patron saint of wearably easy make-up, who’s taken the whole matte thing and made it not just accessible, but desirable.  Suddenly, a matte lip’s what it’s all about, for us.

Her secret?  Plenty of intense pigments, for sure, but combined with emollients and soft waxes to lock in moisture.  In other words, you can use this without feeling like you just dismounted a camel after a 36-day trek across the Sahara.

Yet despite the lip-conditioning elements, Creamy Matte Lip Colour has all the plus-points of matte lipstick, promising to stay feather-free, transfer-resistant and smudge-proof for up to eight hours.  (We’re loving Razzberry, a deep pink, and the classic neutral Tawny Pink – just the type of signature shade Bobbi’s known for.)

The clue’s in the name:  Creamy.  Matte.

And we could kiss Bobbi for it.

Without leaving a lip-print…

UK readers find Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Colour at£18 – buy here
US readers find it at$28 – buy here

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Bath salts are instant nostalgia, to us.  Tardis-ed back to childhood, we are, when our mums would allow us a sprinkling of bath salts to make bath-time feel grown-up.  (No doubt with the hidden agenda:  they figured the salts might just help us to nod off better.)

But bath salts are undergoing a bit of a revival – not least because of the therapeutic powers of soaking in mineralised water.

These 100% natural salts come from a Cotswold-based skincare company, with good green credentials and a nose for a good smell.  Chuck a generous quantity of the hand-blended salts in the tub, lie back and let the fragrances waft over you.  Choose from Energising or Revitalising (we’re not quite sure what the difference is, there, but hey), Rose and Lavender, Sweet Mint (delish, that) and Sweet Lemon.  Hard to choose, frankly.

They’re brilliant for soothing weary muscles.  Post-gardening, post-riding (for Jo and Sarah respectively).  And we’ve a hunch that bath salts are about to give bath oils a run for their money, not least because it’s easier to clean the tub afterwards.

Sometimes our mothers really were right.  Darn it.

UK readers find Chery Lin Bath Salts at£12.80 – 16.30 for 400 ml – buy here




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We’re reliably told that ‘smokey eye’ is the most searched-for beauty term on Google.

Well, if you want to boldly go into autumn yourself on the eye make-up front, this is a darned good place to start.  Urban Decay specialise in sexy eye palettes, and this is the sultriest-yet, showcasing 10 shades of shadow from neutral mattes (think of these as your ‘canvas’), and plenty of dark shades including an inky blue and a so-on-trend forest-y green, plus the requisite charcoal tones.  Each velvety tone features the new shadow formula, and something called Pigment Infusion System™, for intensity of colour.

Possibly best of all is the full-size blacker-than-black matte pencil, which is almost all it takes for ‘instant Bardot’, frankly, if you’re in a hurry.  Sweep, smoosh, smudge – and you’re done.

It truly is smokin’.

UK readers find Urban Decay Smoked Eye Palette at£35 – buy here

US readers find it at$49 – buy here




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