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Fresh Therapies Eden Natural Polish Remover

We don’t know anyone in the world who loves the smell of nail polish remover.

If we did, we’d think they were a bit weird:  many removers are enough to give many women (and men) an instant headache.  (Jo’s actually banned from using it in the house by her ‘greenie’ husband who’s like a sniffer dog, able to detect its sillage hours after use.)

Enter an alternative from entrepreneur Nicola Dickinson that not only smells nice but actually works.  (That shouldn’t be a bonus, but we’ve tried so-called natural enamel removers before, and they were c**p.)  True, this requires a little more rubbing than usual, but the trick is to saturate the pad and hold it on the nail before swiping.

Not only will that not harm or strip the nail, but it’s positively beneficial:  the polish remover contains nail-conditioning oils.

The remover’s already won Gold in the Make-up category of the FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2012.  Totally non-toxic, it truly has a nice smell:  a touch of citrus, from lime peel.  You can hold your nostrils above the bottle, inhale – and no ill effects.

Though best not to let anyone catch you in the act…

UK readers find Fresh Therapies Eden Natural Polish Remover/£12 for 50 ml – just click here