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Clark’s Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask

This nature-meets-science brand definitely doesn’t offer steals, but it does offer extreme quality.

Founder Francesco Clark, formerly a Manhattan-based magazine stylist, developed the line after he ended up in a wheelchair after a horrendous accident.  It started as a kitchen table range, based on naturals suggested by his doctor-cum-homeopath father, which he distributed to friends like Glenda Bailey, the UK-born editor of US Harpers (who we all knew when she led Marie Claire to fame in the 90s). At their urging, he created the skincare line proper.

And the Deep Moisture Mask?  (Which is enriched with soothing comfrey and antioxidant green tea, FYI.)  Well, Sarah, being a wee bit stress-y organising a wedding, tends to wake up at unseemly hours…  Seeing a pot of this on the kitchen table at 2.30 this morning she applied it before doing an hour’s emails then flopping back to bed (with that old standby, hot milk and honey).

You can either use it as a rinse-off mask, or leave it to sink in;  she did the latter, and it proved a stunning success.  Instead of that rather pinched dehydrated look, she looked positively glowing and plumptious.  And even if you’re not about to trot down the aisle, a deep moisture surge is something many complexions need at this time of year.

Hear that face slurp it up.

UK readers click here to find Clark’s Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask/£58 for 50 ml ata 
US readers click here to find it at$72 for 1.7 oz