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From the bestselling Beauty Bible team: our latest product finds and classic faves – because they're worth it!

Mad Beauty Japanese Doll Lip Balm

Aaaawwwww!  How cute are these…?

We can think of many a teenager (or even younger) who’d love to find one of these slipped in her coat pocket.

(Er, or older beauty-hound, come to that…)

Twist off the head of the Japanese Doll Lip Balm to reveal a lip-slicker flavoured with Toffee, Plum or Strawberry.  (We like toffee best.)

The only real danger with these ludicrously steal-like glosses is that you just eat them off your lips. And they’re probably not to the taste of our most sophisticated readers.  (Can we recommend our recent Crème de la Mer posting for you, ladies…?)

We’ll be guerrilla-lipglossing some goddaughters with these ourselves.  (If we can bear to part with them.)  So:  watch your pockets, Roxy, Saba, Tiger, Peggy et al…

UK readers find Mad Beauty Japanese Doll Lip Balms/£2.99 here