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Andrea Garland Archimedes Brooch

We’re rather hoping that one lasting legacy of the Queen’s Jubilee is The Return of the Brooch.

Few of us can aspire to the dazzling diamond job Her Majesty wore to St. Paul’s (officially known as the Cullinan III and IV, and cut from the largest diamond ever found, though unofficially referred to as ‘The Granny Chips’, because they slot into Queen Mary’s crown).

But if you’re looking for something quirky, this brooch is a lovely place to start.

Andrea Garland began by decanting her lovely lip balms into vintage pots, but demand not surprisingly soon outstripped supply.  So:  she’s designed some vintage-inspired jewellery which flips open for easy slicking of her all-natural balm, which blends red raspberry seed oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil and beeswax, with anti-bacterial grapefruit and healing lavender.

Among other creations there’s a ‘fox’ ring, a necklace like a mini-Chanel-ish handbag, another like little red sunglasses – and our favourite, this 60s-inspired Grecian-look gold owl Archimedes Brooch.  Simply pin to a favourite jacket and never go dry-lipped again.  (Better still, refills are available, and we like that.)

By contrast, gobstopper diamonds seem positively impractical…

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