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Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream (Limited Edition)

There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t love this hand cream.

Or if there is, we haven’t met her.

And a little bird tells us that maybe, just maybe, this is what The Queen herself uses to pamper her paws after all that manic hand-shaking.  (Clarins have long held the Royal Warrant, although beyond that:  Our.  Lips.  Are.  Sealed.)

What we can say is that to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee, Clarins is offering a bumper-sized limited edition tube – and not only will you save a chunky £12 on the price of the equivalent number of slatherings, but they’ll give £1 per tube to support the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (which rewards inspirational craftsmanship, to nurture British talent).

Certainly, this super-smoothing cream ticks all the boxes:  it is ultra-nourishing, smells absolutely and totally gorgeous, and is packed with botanicals like Japanese mulberry extract (targets pigmention) and myrrh (a known nail-strengthener).  Crucially, it sinks in really fast to leave hands ultra-soft.  None of those embarrassing moments where you’ve applied your hand cream and can’t turn the handle to get out of the loo.

Not that HM goes to the loo, of course…

UK readers find Clarins The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Limited Edition Hand and Nail Treatment Cream/£26 for 200 ml at if you click here