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Pixi Straight On Till Morning Liner

A good smudgey but non-budge eye-liner pencil is a treasure – and Pixi Straight On Till Morning Liner is just that. (There’s such a fine line between Brigitte Bardot and Chi-Chi the Giant Panda, we always feel…)

We’ve always loved this cool niche brand, created by make-up artist and product developer Petra Strand and launched in Soho, London, a decade ago.  Petra’s philosophy can be described as ‘no fuss, no muss’.  She believes make-up shouldn’t change a woman’s face, but ‘simply bring out the natural beauty in all women, so they look like themselves only better’.

Her formulations contain lots of botanicals and good stuff so they treat your skin while decorating it.  (Here, vitamin E gives a skin-conditioning effect, and ensures easy-glide application.)

For Sarah’s mid to dark brown eyes, this eyeliner shade – called 2nd Star Twinkle is perfect:  Pixi describe it as ‘deep jade-green infused with glimmer golden sparkle’.  Sarah says it’s ‘goldy-greeny-khaki’.

But most importantly, it really truly stays the distance from morning to night – even with eyes that tend to water at the slightest provocation.

And almost certainly through till morning again, if we weren’t so addicted to our beauty sleep…

UK readers find Pixi Straight On Till Morning Liner at£9.50 – click here