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Travel kits

For the contents alone, we’d be lusting after this new Balance Me Beautiful Skin kit.

But the gorgeous gold bag kinda brings out our inner rap star – because (in a good way) we have been gold-diggers from way back.

As regular readers know, Balance Me – founded by sisters Rebecca and Claire Hopkins – is a favourite brand of ours, and this is either a fab way to discover the range in useful trial sizes, or (if you love it as much as we do) to get your hands on the range in a format that’s travel-friendly.

Inside this, then, you’ll find four treasures.  There’s 100% Natural Radiance Face Oil with its unique blend of eight essential oils.  To soothe and brighten tired eyes, find Wonder Eye CreamSuper Moisturising Body Wash is exactly what it says on the tin (er, bottle) – but the pièce de résistance is Super Moisturising Hand Cream, winner of an Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible Award, and one of the most fah-bu-lous hand-softeners ever.

Several times lately, Jo’s been using it on public transport (like the good beauty editor she is, making the most of ‘down-time’), and strangers have asked her what the glorious scent was.  And been surprised to discover:  it’s a hand cream, not a perfume.

What we plan to do, then, is slip the travel sizes in our spongebags – and decant our make-up into bag itself.

Which doesn’t just deserve a gold star:  it is a gold star.

UK readers find Balance Me Beautiful Skin Kit at£20 – buy here

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Having a carefully-packed in-flight kit wrestled from us by an airport security official is one of our least favourite travel experiences.

This airport-friendly travel pack should get around the problem – and it happens to feature some of our very favourite products from Lanolips, the brand founded by Aussie Kristen Carriol.

Lanolin, as Lanolips fans know, is a brilliant moisturiser and barrier cream.  So what better to slather on at 39,000 feet, where the air’s literally dryer than the Sahara?

In this little treasure, you’ll find a 9 g purse size of Lanolips 101 Ointment, 25 ml of Lanolips Rose Balm Intense for Very Dry Hands & Nails (we adore the baby-powdery smell), and a useful, collectible 12.5 g tin of the multi-tasking balm Lanolips Lovely Lanolin Golden Ointment.  Slather that on above the clouds, and your skin will be happy as Larry.  Larry the Lamb, actually.

And a slightly ‘eeewww’ tip, meanwhile:  it’s great inside the nostrils.  Really.

So we say:  come fly with Lanolips.

UK readers find Lanolips Jet-Setter Travel Pack at£14.99 – buy here

(Or do take just a couple of seconds to go to VH via the Victoria Health page on our own website site – just click here – in order to enjoy an automatic 5% discount added at checkout)


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It’s probably not exaggerating to say that we could feature a Benefit kit every week on this blog and still not run out of joyous finds to write about.

We won’t.  But here’s the latest episode of Beauty Bible Loves Benefit, for you.

In the format of a vintage book (think Little Women-style), it flips open to reveal really useful travel sizes of The Porefessional (NB also great for filling lines as well as pores, we’ve found), Boi-ing concealer, a pump-action mini Hellow Flawless (their new brightening make-up), plus Me? Vain face powder.  (And a small applicator brush for the latter.)

Better still, inside the ‘cover’ there are tips and tricks to apply the products perfectly – and once you’ve opened them out, hey, presto!  A mirror.

What we will say about this brand is that despite its fun, sometimes jokey image (and the occasionally ridiculous names), Benefit offers real, effective make-up solutions for all sorts of beauty challenges, including those faced by – how shall we put this? – more mature skins.

Friends with Benefit…?  If you’re not, you should be.  Especially after this.

UK – find Benefit How To Look The Best At Everything at£24.50 – click here to buy

US - find it at – click here to buy

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Just as tout le monde is poised to return from les vacances, we bring you:  our favourite travel set of summer.  Better late than never, we feel.  (And we’d be happy to slip this in our luggage anytime.)

We’re long-term fans of Diptyque‘s bodycare, and this features four favourite finds from the range in a black-and-white drawstring bag, inside a lovely box.  (We’re upcycling ours to store USB sticks in the office, since it’s way too nice to throw away).

Unusually, all the products in the range have different fragrances, but they seem to fuse together prettily.  (And though we’d expect nothing less than fab smells from Diptyque, the products are impressively high-performance, too.)

We think you’ll love the lot.  Let’s start with the Fresh Lotion for the Body (50 ml size), with orange blossom water:  light, but skin-quenching.   Apply it after the Revitalizing Shower Gel for Body and Hair (a useful multi-tasker, this), which has a wake-up scent of bergamot and peppermint.  (Comes in a 50 ml size, here.)  If your body needs a buff, Smoothing Body Polish does that gently and thoroughly with jojoba beads and silica microspheres, a sloosh of pomegranate seed oil for moisturisation, a scoop of peach butter – and a dash of jasmine floral water, for a lightly heady scent.  (The kit features a 50 ml tube.)

You may also be tempted to slip the Luxurious Hand Balm in your handbag, after the holiday’s over:  a sinks-in-fast balm with a fruity hint of ripe apricot, plus tonka bean.  (The 30 ml size is super-bag-friendly.)

Just crying out for a stylish boutique hotel room, to unpack it in, we think.

UK readers find Diptyque The Travel Collection at£35 – buy here




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Sensitive skins:  just say ‘a-a-a-a-h-h’…

That’s ‘aaaaah’, not ‘aaaargh’ – which can often be a touchy complexion’s response to skincare introductions.

In reality, Aromatherapy Associates‘ existing products have never irritated our skins.  Nevertheless, this new plant-extract-infused range has been formulated to with six renowned anti-inflammatory soothers designed to calm:  licorice, cotton thistle, cactus, arnica and two types of camomile.  (Ideal for skin that’s been over-exfoliated, stressed – or is just reactive.)  There are probiotics, too, which encourage healthy bacteria on the skin’s surface, boosting its natural defences.

Think of this Soothing Introductory Set as calm-in-a-pouch:  it features sample/travel sizes of all products, including Cleansing Balm, Daily Repair Moisturiser, Treatment Mask and more, in a neat grey pouch (with a muslin cloth).  And at Victoria Health, they’ve a dozen of these – worth £33.50 – to offer to anyone who buys a full-size from the range, while stocks last.  (We suggest you get your skates on!)  The range itself is priced from £28 for the Soothing Skin Tonic (200 ml) to £49 for 50 ml Soothing Daily Repair Moisturiser - and with the Introductory Set worth £33.50, that’s quite a deal.

You might also like tom know that at AA’s Boutique and Treatment Rooms (020-7838 1117) you can now enjoy a new Soothing Facial (£50).  Definitely worth a shot for anyone who’s run screaming from the massage couch (as we have), mid-way through a too-active treatment.

Screaming ‘aaaaaaaargh’, in our fluffy robes…

UK readers find Aromatherapy Associates Soothing Skincare at – buy here


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Our testers for The Green Beauty Bible love Dr.Hauschka – and so we do.  Great ethics, great products (and a great bunch of people).

Their hefty glass jars aren’t terribly travel-friendly, though, so we welcome these two more petite versions of some Dr.H bestsellers:  Limited Edition Facial Toner, and Limited Edition Cleansing Milk.

Just right for slipping into your spongebag – and, at just 30 ml each, AOK for in-flight use, too:  they’ll get past even the pickiest airport security staff.

The Cleansing Milk is wonderful for dry (sun-parched?) skin, with its sweet almond oil base to lock in moisture.  And though we’re not generally toner fans, this one – featuring witch hazel and anthyllis -  is fab as an instant freshener (try keeping it in your mini-bar for an even more cooling action).  They’re also great introductory options to the range:  sort of try-before-you-buy-the-big-one.

Some of the best things really do come in small parcels, now.

UK readers find Dr.Hauschka Limited Edition Cleansing Milk and Dr. Hauschka Limited Edition Facial Toner at£9.95 each for 30 ml – just click here



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We love a Union Jack as much as anyone (if not more).  And you should see our bunting collection…!

But while we could have indulged in a lot of premature flag-waving in the past few weeks, overloading this site with everything from Union Jack tweezers to trios of red, white and blue polishes, we’ve held off till the Jubilee Weekend end for a real goodie:  award-winning Brit brand Elemis’s fab Best of British kit.

Open up and you’ll find all sorts of products that have played well with Beauty Bible testers over the years:  high-scoring Pro-Collagen Marine Cream age-defier, Melting Cleansing Gel, Wild Lavender Hand Lotion – plus the Tranquil Touch Indulgent Bath Elixir and Body Polish.

There’s a saving of £34 on the whole lot – it’s just £45 – and you comes in a Union Jack box that really is nice enough to keep.  (We’ve already decanted a load of USB sticks into ours.)

It’s just gone on sale in time for Her Majesty’s big weekend, and is as nice a way to flag-wave in the privacy of your bathroom as anything we’ve seen.

Have a great Jubilee Weekend from us, then  We’ll be settling down with a box of Biscuiteers corgi biscuits, a glass of champagne/elderflower, and hitting some street parties.  Bunting to the fore…!

UK readers:  Elemis Best of British Collection/£45 – call 0117-316 1888 for your nearest stockists

Back Wednesday, with more.


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It is worth drifting by the Benefit counter regularly to check out their kits:  they’re issued pretty regularly, and generally brilliant, packing lots of on-the-go essentials (in lightweight travel sizes) into a nifty and stylish box – like this one, Cabana Glama, decorated on the outside rather like a  faux vintage Airmail postcard.

In our experience, kits and gifts-with-purchase generally feature one or two brilliant products, with the rest duds, but Benefit serve up some crackers.  (Actually, Benefit are crackers – in a good way – but that’s another story.)

This particular option is your get-gorgeous-on-the-way-to-the-beach kit – or (as it’s a little early in the season), more likely back garden or balcony.  It showcases a smudge-on base/concealer (Some Kinda Gorgeous);  cheek ‘n’ lip Posietint;  bestselling Hoola bronzing powder;  rose, cappuccino and milk choccy eye shadows and some applicators (though we rather guess that in our case, these will slip into a parallel universe of lost make-up tools and disappear forever within 5 minutes of acquisition, so you may want to have your own brushes on standby).

But overall, glam in a box – and pretty darned frabjous for getting you in the mood for sunny weekends.

UK readers find it here/£28.50 at
US readers find it here/$36 at 

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