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What puts people off using sunscreen?

Rubbing, rubbing, rubbing.

So we’re truly taken with these suncreens from Korres – literally as clear as they promise.  Spritz, and you’re protected.  They contain walnut oil and coconut oil, yet are somehow non-greasy.  As they’re water-resistant, they’re fab for sports.

What more can we add?

(Though a big straw hat is always good…)

UK readers find Korres Walnut & Coconut Clear Sunscreen Body at£18 for SPF20  - click here to find them

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Oils in the sun…?

Very South of France circa 1977, surely.  (And the women who basted themselves with zero-factor tanning oils are the same ones who write to us now about age spots, NB.)

But at a recent (and fascinating) Decléor seminar, we discovered this oil is different.  You don’t actually wear it while sunbathing, but for a week before exposure to ‘kickstart’ melanin production, for a more even, lasting (and faster) tan.  Argan oil and rose essential oil also feature, for their age-defying effect.

It’s completely heaven-scented, too (we’d expect nothing less from Decléor):  the carrot oil and buriti oil base is infused with chamomile and geranium, and like all their many and various oils, it is silky but swiftly-absorbed.

Do not wear the oil for in-sun ‘basting’ but use the oil as a preparation in the run-up to your hols – then apply SPF as per usual, when you’re on the beach or poolside.

And look forward to a somewhat more golden moment.

UK readers find Decléor Aromessence Solaire Body Tan Activator Serum at£44.20 for 100 ml – just click here (NB  We can’t find this on-line in the States – just the face version – but you may be able to get it shipped from the UK)

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Age spots, sun spots, liver spots – whatever you like to call them, patches of darker pigmentation on the face, chest and hands cause our readers great distress.  (More so than wrinkles, in many cases:  we’re all going to get lines, but women seem to feel singled out for especially unfair treatment when these marks appear on the complexion.)

Our response is always to advise sun protection as a very important part of an age spot treatment programme:  by preventing UV from reaching the skin, you’ll stop these marks from getting darker, and others from appearing.

So we’re very much liking this new introduction from cosmeceutical brand SkinCeuticals – because it features a clever nozzle, for targeted application of a good level of SPF (30), together with UVA protection.  Simply point, squeeze, and tap into skin.  It’s hydrating and lightweight, so:  no ‘chalk-face’, even when applied as an all-over veil.  At the same time, SkinCeuticals tell us it features a HyperBright Complex, to target the age spots themselves, over a longer period of time.  (We’ll be putting this through its paces with our Beauty Bible testers, but we’re optimistic that with this built-in sun protection, it could be effective.)

We know women will try everything under the sun to tackle this problem.

But trust us:  keeping UV off those age spots is the one thing under the sun that really, really works.

NB  SkinCeuticals prefer their products whenever possible to be provided through a skin consultation with an expert – click here for their stockists – but this is also available on-line:
UK readers find SkinCeuticals Brightening UV Defense SPF30 at£35 for 30 ml – click here to find it



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As we’ve previously explained in The Green Beauty Bible, we’re not that keen on nanoparticles.

More research needs to be done, but there’s some suggestion that these tiny-teeny particles – often found in modern mineral-based suncare products – may, just may, build up in the liver.  So we’d rather err on the side of caution.

But that gives us a dilemma – at least since Dr.Hauschka withdrew their fantastic sunscreen range.  (Sob.)  Personally, we don’t want to use chemical sunscreens, because they irritate our skins.  (Jo, in particular, comes out in hives when her décolletage is slathered with common chemical sunscreens.)  But with many mineral blocks containing nano-particles…  Now do you understand the dilemma?

Bienvenue, then, to Lovea, France’s top-selling range of organic sunscreens, which do not feature nano-particles, even though they’re mineral-based and smooth beautifully into skin.  We’re very taken with the textures, actually, which feature Tahitian monoi oil to leave skin silky.  So in our beach-bags for summer 2012 you’ll find Lovea Anti-Ageing SPF50 Organic Face Cream and the SPF30 Natural Sunscreen Spray.  (Though unlike many beauty editors, we do recommend a few minutes of sun before applying body sunscreen, in order to top up vitamin D levels.)

There’s also an SPF15 Spray, as well as sprays for kids featuring Disney characters (although we do slightly wish mothers didn’t have to enlist the help of Mickey and Donald to get their kids to stand still long enough to apply sunscreen).  The whole lot’s Ecocert-certified organic, too.

We say:  say ‘yes’ to no-nano.

(Or maybe ‘oui’, in this case.)

UK readers find Lovea Organic Sunscreen at£8.99-15.99 – click here


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This isn’t a beauty product.

But it looks just like one.

Which is the whole point:  you slip your iPhone/keys/
money inside when you’re splashing about in the waves, and any snooping would-be thief just thinks it’s your SPF.  As anyone who’s had their stuff nicked out of a beach bag knows, that’s a real holiday-wrecker.

If you were really a Blue Peter type, you could probably make one yourself from an empty suntan lotion bottle, but at this price why bother with the D-I-Y…?

UK readers find the TanSafe Portable Beach Safe/£7.95 at – just click here

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Feeling a little red?  Sore?  Maybe embarrassed…?

You wouldn’t be the only Brit to have turned a touch beetroot, over the weekend.  Man, was that sun strong.

But we’ve seen this natural soothing organic after-sun take the redness out of skin, before our very eyes.  (Jo once gave it to a sunburned friend who was staying, and it was near-miraculous in its skin-cooling benefits. She didn’t even peel.)  It really is cooling – there’s a polo-mint note in the fragrance, alongside nurturing calendula.  The aloe, though, is what really takes the ‘ouch’ out.

It’s also impressed Beauty Bible testers, notching up a Green Beauty Bible award.  And right now, in this weather, we think it deserves another moment in the sun.

Or preferably, a moment in the shade.

UK readers find Green People Hydrating After Sun/£8.99 for 100 ml at – click here

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