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These should have their own Chrismas carol.  ‘We Three-Free Kings of Nail Polish Are’…

We’re often asked for recommendations of nail polishes which are free from the three ‘nasties’ (toluene, formaldehyde and phthalates), and we always unhesitatingly recommend these, from Organic Pharmacy.  Of course, they’re not 100% natural (no nail polish could be), but the formulators have elimited those three toxic ingredients without in any way compromising on quality or long-lastingness.  (We do love inventing an adjective.)

What’s more, Organic Pharmacy has launched this capsule collection of seasonal shades which tick all the festive boxes.  There’s a perfect red, and two vampier, deeper shades (Deep Ruby’s divine).  Plus the most gorgeous holographic glitter polish which brings out our inner eight-year-old, frankly.

Roll on the party sandal season.  Because these are truly worth freezing your tootsies off for.

UK readers find Organic Pharmacy Nail Polishes at£10 -
buy here




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Daniel Craig, we’re ready for you.

(Actually, Daniel, if you’re ever in the area we’re always ready for you.)

Odeon tickets:  booked.  Kleenex (to wipe away the drool):  packed.

But most fittingly, we’re armed and dangerous with this mini-collection of nail shades from OPI’s The Bondettes Skyfall 007 collection.

The shades all take their names from Bond movies:  Golden Eye (a gorgeous shimmering gold), Live and Let Die (as black as Bond’s tuxedo), The World is Not Enough (a rosy silver which looks fashionably gunmetal on the nail) and The Spy Who Loved Me:  as perfect a red polish as you’ll ever find.

Just remember to shake, not stir, before use.

(Sorry.  Couldn’t resist that one.)

UK readers find Skyfall 007 Mini-Collection at£12.95 for four mini-polishes – buy here (or call 01923-240010 for stockists)


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We don’t know anyone in the world who loves the smell of nail polish remover.

If we did, we’d think they were a bit weird:  many removers are enough to give many women (and men) an instant headache.  (Jo’s actually banned from using it in the house by her ‘greenie’ husband who’s like a sniffer dog, able to detect its sillage hours after use.)

Enter an alternative from entrepreneur Nicola Dickinson that not only smells nice but actually works.  (That shouldn’t be a bonus, but we’ve tried so-called natural enamel removers before, and they were c**p.)  True, this requires a little more rubbing than usual, but the trick is to saturate the pad and hold it on the nail before swiping.

Not only will that not harm or strip the nail, but it’s positively beneficial:  the polish remover contains nail-conditioning oils.

The remover’s already won Gold in the Make-up category of the FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2012.  Totally non-toxic, it truly has a nice smell:  a touch of citrus, from lime peel.  You can hold your nostrils above the bottle, inhale – and no ill effects.

Though best not to let anyone catch you in the act…

UK readers find Fresh Therapies Eden Natural Polish Remover/£12 for 50 ml – just click here


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Generally, after un certain age, neutral shades and pale shimmers flatter hands the best.  (We tend to save bright fluoros, denim blues and Rouge Noir-type polishes for feet, where we think it’s absolutely fine to go for more daring shades.  Shows you’ve got your finger – er, toe – on fashion’s pulse…)

In Maybelline’s spring nail collection we happened upon this very pale baby pink (reminiscent of some of Essie’s classic pinks).  Not only is it a complete steal, but it’s enriched with iron and calcium for treatment benefits over time.

What we love best about the Maybelline Forever Strong Pro range, however, is its lasting qualities:  Jo once painted her nails with a polish from this range before a major move, and it survived – with flying colours.  They promise it ‘lasts up to 7 days’ – and in our experience, that’s just about right.  (Though a house move is going to challenge any polish.)

As always, do apply a base coat to prevent yellowing, but with this a topcoat really isn’t required unless you want extra depth of shine.

A truly ageless ‘neutral’ – not just for spring, but year-round.

UK readers find Maybelline Forever Strong Pro (Porcelain Pink)/£4.09 at – click here (apologies to US readers:  not available there…)



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Just the cleverest and most fun thing we’ve seen in a long, long time.

Nails Inc. has come up with a bespoke option, where you can create your own bespoke nail polish package.  It’s the perfect present for a girlfriend – so glam and gorgeous – or for you (because you are you-know-what!)

The how-to couldn’t be simpler.  Simply log on to and follow the simple instructions.  (We like simple – or rather, Sarah does because she’s much less tech-savvy than Jo.)

1.  Drag the cap from six options – from bling through to subtle to studs (yes, like a dog collar), and drag over to the bit that says DRAG HERE (see what we mean about simple?)  We chose the grey crystal cap.  Just that bit more understated.

2.  Pick your colour from the palette of gorgeous shades – including sparkly nail ‘jewellery’ – and Beauty Bible‘s favourite, of course, was pink (it’s called Walton Place).

3.  Create your own label for the base of the polish.  You get two lines, so we called it:

Beauty Bible
Loves Pink

4.  Then accessorise your gift box with two of the stickers provided…  For instance:  I love you, Yummy Mummy, Fashionista, Mwah.  Hmmm…  Ah, we have it!  Princess up in the top right-hand corner, and With Love, bottom left.

All that for Princess-ly sum of twenty quid!

UK readers find it at$20 – click here
US readers can find the Nails Inc. range at over 50 branches of Sephora and on-line here (although the Couture service isn’t available yet)

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Can a nail polish really be worth £25 (make that $30, Stateside)…?

Er, yes, we think it probably can, having slicked toenails and fingernails with these. The polish glides on super-smoothly and it really does have a ‘lacquered’ finish (very shiny-new-car, if you get our drift:  that wonderful depth and shimmer which expensive motors have).

There are 16 shades in the collection (launched just before Christmas) with some seasonal additions.  And it’s Spring 2012′s that have our heart beating that little bit faster, in particular the seriously bling gold (Gold Haze), gunmetally silver (Silver Smoke) and – our major crush – Burnished Rouge, which actually goes a deep, lustrous chocolate-y red when applied.

On toenails, it’s a definite last-er:  three weeks and counting without a chip.  And there was a major swoon in Margaret Dabbs New Cavendish Street when we brandished Burnished Rouge from our bags.  (Tip:  we always take our own polish along rather than have fingers or toes painted with a salon’s own polish, so that we can easily touch up any chips, back home.)

As mood-lifting splurges go, these are still way cheaper than a new jacket.

UK:£25 – click here
US:$30 – click here


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