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Lipstick/lip pencils

It may still be October, but this is definitely a contender for Beauty Bible‘s Stocking Filler of the Year 2012.

(And no way are these for teens-only:  we happen to know plenty of otherwise mature, sane women who have a soft spot for All Things Kitty.  And they don’t all live in Japan.)

At just £3.99, these are a real beauty steal, in six perfectly lovely shades.  In place of a cap, there’s a pull-off Kitty head (if that doesn’t sound too gruesome).

Maybe not something you’d whip out of your bag to repair your lips in The Wolseley – but guaranteed to bring a smile to the lips along with that swoosh of colour.

UK readers find Hello Kitty Lipticks at£3.99 – buy here


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We have never been fans of matte lipsticks.

Until now they’ve always felt like the lip equivalent of a pair of jeans that are two sizes too small:  tight, uncomfy – and not really flattering, either, because matte lipsticks can also look flat as well as matte.  In fact, the only way we could bear to wear matte was by slathering on a rich balm beforehand, which sort of defeated the whole point because it basically made it back into a normal lipstick.

Enter St. Bobbi of New York, the patron saint of wearably easy make-up, who’s taken the whole matte thing and made it not just accessible, but desirable.  Suddenly, a matte lip’s what it’s all about, for us.

Her secret?  Plenty of intense pigments, for sure, but combined with emollients and soft waxes to lock in moisture.  In other words, you can use this without feeling like you just dismounted a camel after a 36-day trek across the Sahara.

Yet despite the lip-conditioning elements, Creamy Matte Lip Colour has all the plus-points of matte lipstick, promising to stay feather-free, transfer-resistant and smudge-proof for up to eight hours.  (We’re loving Razzberry, a deep pink, and the classic neutral Tawny Pink – just the type of signature shade Bobbi’s known for.)

The clue’s in the name:  Creamy.  Matte.

And we could kiss Bobbi for it.

Without leaving a lip-print…

UK readers find Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Colour at£18 – buy here
US readers find it at$28 – buy here

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This is a bit of a dream come true, to be honest.

As you probably know, we’ve been on a 17-year crusade to help women identify the best beauty products out there – with the help of 20,000 testers who’ve enrolled in the trials for our series of Beauty Bible books.

At the same time, in the past year or so, we’ve become rather enamoured of one particular, trusted ‘beauty box’ company, Latest in Beauty, who – unlike some – don’t work on a subscription model, but introduce women to new products through ‘themed’ boxes, where the beauty-loving customer knows what she’s getting.

So:  when Latest in Beauty asked if they could ‘theme’ a box based on The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, it seemed like the perfect match.  Not only have we already whittled down 4,000 age-defying products to help readers identify what really works:  this box allows you to try many of the award-winning products before you spring for a full size.  So you can tell if you like the texture, fragrance, if it works for your skin – and discover any ‘instant’ benefits.  (Actually, there’s even a full-size award-winning lip pencil in there, from Inika, which is one of our favourites.)  We applaud brands who are happy to offer sample sizes – because that alone shows immense trust in a product.

The beauty brands who want to introduce their winning products to you in this collection include Lulu’s Time Bomb, Balance Me, Elemis, Liz Earle – and more, including Temple Spa, whose Skin Truffle cream is the highest-scoring ‘miracle’ product we’ve ever, ever trialled. The value, amazingly, is £90 – but the price is just £19.95, plus £2.95 p & p.

We suggest you click here to read the full run-down, and get clicking because Latest in Beauty tell us that the first ‘run’ of limited edition boxes is scampering out the door.

So when it comes to discovering dream creams, super-serums and age-beating make-up that really works, it helps to think ‘out of the box’.

As long as it’s ‘our’ box…!

UK readers find the Latest in Beauty Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible Box/£19.95 plus £2.95 p & p – buy here


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Poppy King is a long-term lip heroine of ours.

Vintage-lover (Jo once took her on a tour of the secondhand emporia of Hastings), baby entrepreneur (albeit now all grown-up), author (Lessons of a Lipstick Queen) and general all-round beautiful babe, there’s nothing Poppy doesn’t know about a great lip product.

Her collaboration with Boots, then, is one of the most exciting things that’s happened in that store in a long, long time.  It’s exactly what it says:  a fat crayon that you use to draw all over the lips.  Not a gazillion miles from our equally adored Clinique Chubby Sticks, at first glance, but these boast a creamier, somewhat less sheer and more long-lasting texture.

Cleverly, the lid has a built-in sharpener so there’s absolutely zero risk of scratching your lips because you’re down to the stub.  (Beauty confession:  we’ve done it ourselves.  And it hurts.)

There are five lip-friendly, complexion-friendly colours.  Jo’s favourite is Skipping (a deep plum – second from right – which suits her blonde colouring surprisingly well).  But the really clever thing about Poppy is she sure-footedly creates the perfect shades, every time – so they’re all great.

Beauty Bible says:  long live Poppy King:  queen of fabulous lips!

UK readers find No7 Poppy King Rain Drops Lip Crayon/£11.50 at – just click here

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