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Duh, duh, duh.

This is such an obvious addition to the iconic Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour line, it’s amazing they didn’t think of it before.  (Since we’re a fount of product ideas ourselves, it’s amazing we didn’t think of it before, and suggest this…)

It offers all the skin-repairing, barrier-against-the-elements protection of the classic original – but in a softly shiny clear balm-gloss.  And it features our favourite style of applicator:  the angled tip, which always makes for easy slicking (without needing a mirror).  Vitamin E and sunscreen feaures, too (though there’s absolutely no ‘taste’, unlike some sunscreen lip products.)  The one thing we do need to point out:  in contrast to the name, it’s not specifically long-lasting and will need reapplication during the day.

Chic red packaging with Art Deco type, though.

And so much better late than never.

UK readers find Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lipgloss at£20 – buy here


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At Beauty Bible Towers (OK, it’s a Georgian house by the sea), we occasionally have what we call ‘Bella Bamba moments’.  We’ll say to one another ‘Bella Bamba’ – and that person knows that they’re looking a little peaky.  And just what to do…

The original Benefit Bella Bamba is a truly miraculous blusher:  you can be as drab/grey/hungover/flu-stricken/short of sleep as anything.  Swirl a big, fat, fluffy brush in this lightly shimmering pink powder, fluff onto cheeks and hey, presto!  Alive again.  There are other shades but it’s Bella Bamba that’s our beauty equivalent of the loaves and the fishes.

So now, Benefit has launched a collection of lip glosses – Ultra Plush – to complement their face-waking blushers.  Not surprisingly, Bella Bamba is our instant fave, doing for lips what its blushing sister does for cheeks:  a slick of this luscious, non-gummy gloss (more like a rich, tinted balm) is all it takes for instant pretty.

Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Bella Bamba is a sheer, watermelon/raspberry pink – like lips.  Rather, like you want your lips to look.

When you’re feeling drab/grey/hungover/flu-stricken/short of sleep.

(And yes, it happens to us, too.)

UK readers findBenefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss at£13.50 – just click here
US readers find it at$16 - click here

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We’re rather hoping that one lasting legacy of the Queen’s Jubilee is The Return of the Brooch.

Few of us can aspire to the dazzling diamond job Her Majesty wore to St. Paul’s (officially known as the Cullinan III and IV, and cut from the largest diamond ever found, though unofficially referred to as ‘The Granny Chips’, because they slot into Queen Mary’s crown).

But if you’re looking for something quirky, this brooch is a lovely place to start.

Andrea Garland began by decanting her lovely lip balms into vintage pots, but demand not surprisingly soon outstripped supply.  So:  she’s designed some vintage-inspired jewellery which flips open for easy slicking of her all-natural balm, which blends red raspberry seed oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil and beeswax, with anti-bacterial grapefruit and healing lavender.

Among other creations there’s a ‘fox’ ring, a necklace like a mini-Chanel-ish handbag, another like little red sunglasses – and our favourite, this 60s-inspired Grecian-look gold owl Archimedes Brooch.  Simply pin to a favourite jacket and never go dry-lipped again.  (Better still, refills are available, and we like that.)

By contrast, gobstopper diamonds seem positively impractical…

UK readers find Andrea Garland Archimedes Brooch at£34 – just click here (NB site ships worldwide and for international stockists, click here)

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Who can argue with that…?

Especially when it’s actually one of the most fun lipglosses to disco onto our desks in a while.  (From the first brand Jo ever, ever bought make-up from.)

It seems Miners has infused their bestselling Crystal Crush Light Reflecting Lipgloss with little 3-D glitter particles.  Generally we’re never big fans of glittery particles:  a bit too Donna Summer I Feel Love‘ for women of un certain age (even though we love a bit of Donna on our iPods)…

But this is actually terribly fetching – especially the Champagne Shimmer shade.  The light-reflective particles work to give a lip-plumped look, and (especially considering the price), the texture’s comfy and non-gloopy.

Very nice slicked over a favourite lip shade to give an instant summer ‘twist’ – and though it’s called ‘After Dark’, you’ll have to believe us when we say it looks beautiful in sunlight.

So we definitely feel love for this total lip ‘steal’…

UK readers find Miners Crystal Crush After Dark Lipgloss at - click here



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Yeah, right.

That’s our usual reaction to make-up houses who proclaim their lip glosses as ‘long-lasting’.

But this one – from the divine Chantecaille brand (we worship Sylvie Chantecaille) – truly lives up to its promise, without feeling like you’ve slathered your lips in vinyl.  And without your hair sticking to it.

It’s comfy, flattering (we’re mad for the Guava and Lychee shades), and creates that wonderful illusion of plumper lips – a key reason we’re so enraptured by glosses.

And, more importantly, Luminous Gloss is still there after a decaff soy latte and a chin-wag.

Yeah, really.

UK readers find Chantecaille Luminous Gloss Long Wear Lip Shine/£24 at – click here
US readers find it at$32 – click here

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Jo originally found this lip gloss – created by the man who founded Aveda, Horst Rechelbacher – in the Aladdin’s Cave that is ABC Carpet & Home, in New York, and has been carrying it around in her handbag ever since.

ABC Carpet & Home‘s way more ‘eco’ than most department stores – not to mention more stylish and wondrous than almost anywhere else on the retail planet.  (If you happen to be in Manhattan, it’s a don’t-miss.  Especially at Christmas.  Oh, the decorations…!)

Actually, we were originally shown the Intelligent Nutrients range by Horst when it landed a few years ago – but it never really got going, till now.  There are hair products, skincare, bodycare (and they’re big on trial sizes, which is always excellent news.)

The range is certified organic in the US (Horst is a true eco-pioneer, so we’d expect nothing less) – and this gloss, therefore, is most definitely good-enough-to-eat, because it only contains food-grade ingredients.

We think about this a lot, when it comes to lip products.  If you’ve ever wondered where they go, the answer is:  same place as your lunch.

What else do we love about this?  The brush applicator, for a start, making it easy to apply.  The lip-caring ingredients, including castor oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba, and antioxidants like red raspberry seed oil.  It comes in clear, but also a great sheer deep tint called Purple Maize – on the lips, it’s a see-thru cherry shade, on the lips. Very fetching, actually.  It feels really, really comfy – and actually tastes so delicious you could almost (we said almost) spread it on bread:  a mixture of vanilla, coconut and caramel cream natural flavour.  And a lot more sophisticated than that sounds.

Altogether scrumptious, in fact.

UK readers find Intelligent Nutrients Lip Delivery Antioxidant Gloss at£15 – click here to find it
(NB  You can get a 5% discount at Love Lula when you visit them via and add the code bb12 at checkout)
US readers find it at£24 (+ tax) – click here
Intelligent Nutrients also have a great ‘green’ website:

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Aaaawwwww!  How cute are these…?

We can think of many a teenager (or even younger) who’d love to find one of these slipped in her coat pocket.

(Er, or older beauty-hound, come to that…)

Twist off the head of the Japanese Doll Lip Balm to reveal a lip-slicker flavoured with Toffee, Plum or Strawberry.  (We like toffee best.)

The only real danger with these ludicrously steal-like glosses is that you just eat them off your lips. And they’re probably not to the taste of our most sophisticated readers.  (Can we recommend our recent Crème de la Mer posting for you, ladies…?)

We’ll be guerrilla-lipglossing some goddaughters with these ourselves.  (If we can bear to part with them.)  So:  watch your pockets, Roxy, Saba, Tiger, Peggy et al…

UK readers find Mad Beauty Japanese Doll Lip Balms/£2.99 here

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