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Home fragrance

Something for those days when the treacle you’re wading through has finally turned to toffee.

We suggest spraying this round the office and taking a deep, meditative, mind-focusing breath, to enjoy the amazingly nerve-steadying benefits of bergamot, nutmeg, black pepper, sweet orange, lemongrass and Kaffir lime.  Jo, in particular, loves the zesty scent (with its grounding undertones) when she’s on deadline.  ‘Helps me power through’, she says.

It can also (unlike most room sprays) be spritzed onto the body, if you’re needing a little extra boost in the mind-clearing department…

We like Sranrom generally, actually – their subtitle is ‘The Philosophy of Wellbeing’ and their aim is to promote urban wellness, better sleep and mindful living through body/home/skin treats which are all formulated with really fantastic blends of essential oils.  (Fellow yoga bunnies in particular will adore them.)  Everything we’ve smelled to date has been fab, fab, fab.

Sranrom is the brainchild of two young Thai businesswomen who (if they’re anything like us) need all the mind-clearing they can muster, with a new venture to run.

You say it ‘sa-raan-rom’, a Thai word which describes feelings of pleasure, serenity and contentment.  We say:  that couldn’t be more apt.

UK readers find Sranrom Clear Mind Aromatherapy Room & Body Mist at£18 for 100 ml – click here


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It’s the truly gorgeous aromatherapeutic smells that have us hooked on Wild Planet.  The founder of this natural and organic bath/body/fragrance line, Eileen Holford – based in Kent – clearly has a talent for creating fragrances that puts her up with the best in the business.

First we were seduced by this gentle, moisturising Wild Rose Geranium Hand Wash, left. (Big fans of rose geranium, us.)  Just like rubbing the plant’s leaves between your fingers.

Then we lit the Vintage Rose Candle and got really quite excited:  the divine scent of burying your nose in a dewy tea rose, with powerful, deep undertones of patchouli.

And when she began using the sumptuous 100% Organic Rose & Jojoba Shea Butter on her hands and feet last thing at night, wasfting off to sleep with nostrilsful of rosiness, Jo felt she’d made a real discovery.  (Even if she later found out that it’s meant for thirsty faces, as an intensive overnight treatment…!)

But we say:  follow your nose to Wild Planet.  And your senses are in for a real treat…

UK readers find Wild Planet/£8.95-19.95 at - click here




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Drawer and wardrobe sachets used to be something you gave your Great-Aunt Doris for Christmas.

Not any more.  These are enough to bring out anyone’s selfish side – part of a new Limited Edition (be quick!) home fragrance collection from Jo Malone.  (We really hope this is the first of many.)

Sarah raves about the scented drawer liners on We Love… on this month (click here).  And now we are equally enraptured by this latest discovery in the line:  upliftingly-scented sachets to slip between your pile of undies or tie around the neck of a (preferably satin, padded) hanger using the cream grosgrain ribbon.

Jo put just one in her wardrobe and it gives out great wafts of this zesty, fresh, aromatic classic, which is a truly wonderful way to start the day.  It imparts this light, spring-like scent to anything hanging nearby.

So now you literally can have a ‘wardrobe of fragrances’…

UK readers find Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Scented Sachets/£20 if you click here
US readers find them/$35 – click here


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