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Hairstyling products

Leaving aside the fact that lovely Daniel Galvin Jr. always deserves a prize for the longest product names ever (beating even Estée Lauder into a cocked hat), this is a great ‘find’.

Remember No More Tangles?  (From Johnson’s, that was the only product which allowed a comb to glide through Jo’s hair, growing up.)  Packed with organic aloe vera, this is a contemporary spin which will make the lives of mothers all over the country easier:  just spritz on, and it’s easy-peasy to get rid of those knots.  (NB  It can be used on wet or dry hair.)  The whole Galvin & Galvin Kids range is free of parabens, SLS, mineral oil or animal ingredients.

We adore the cool-as-a-real-cucumber smell.  And applaud the fact that Daniel – who collaborated on the (late-lamented) Duchy Originals haircare range – is continuing his support of the Prince of Wales’s projects, with £25,000 of the proceeds from the range earmarked for the Prince’s Trust in the first 12 months.

We think that’s rather cool.

UK readers find Galvin & Galvin Kids Organic Dubble Trubble Detangling Conditioner Spray at Morrisons stores nationwide or£2.50 for 200 ml – buy here


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Bird-phobics, click away now.

Packaging junkies:  stay right here and feast your eyes on this.

We predict that Tara Smith’s haircare – which just landed in M&S Your Beauty – will be ruffling a few feathers in the hairdressing world, proving that it’s possible to get great results without resorting to harsh detergents or synthetic chemicals.  It’s vegan, and – as superstylist Tara explains – ‘is tested on film stars, not on animals’.

Featuring some of the most stop-you-in-your-tracks designs that we’ve ever seen gracing a haircare bottle, this is a capsule collection which targets specific hair issues:  frizz and wayward curls (the Working Curls range), dull hair (Shine On), sensitive scalps (Gorgeously Gentle) and flat or thin hair (Feed the Root).  There’s a small selection of stying products, too:  Shining Moment Glosser (featured here), Rock Hard Hold Gel, and what Tara describes as a ‘Base Coat Serum‘, which is a bit like a primer for hair:  it ‘preps’ hair for other styling products, or (used on its own) simply smooths the hair shaft with lightweight borage oil, for gloss and manageability.

An exciting addition to the natural haircare world that’s worth tweeting about, we’d say.

Or maybe squawking.




UK readers find Tara Smith at£5 – 14 – buy here


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‘Cult’ is a word oft bandied-about in Beautyland.

But when it comes to Bumble and bumble Spray de Mode, it’s no cliché .  This hairspray really does have its own stellar fan club, who rely on its fixing power to ensure that catwalk ‘dos’ and Vogue photoshoots are not wrecked by drooping tendrils or slipping chignons.

And for the first time, it’s available in the UK.  Spray de Mode is one of those beauty souvenirs that hairdressers would schlep back from the States in their (excess) baggage.

Now, we’ll ‘fess up that we’re not hairspray girls ourselves – but we know so many stylists who rave about this that we wanted to share, nonetheless.  It holds firm, yet is flexible.  (No ‘helmet-head’ with this.)  The how-to, apparently, is to hold the can 10 inches away and spritz in ‘fluid strokes’.  It can also be sprayed onto sections and ‘fixed’ with heat tools.

So:  spray it again, Sam.  (McKnight, that is…)

UK readers:  Bumble and bumble Spray de Mode at£21.50 for 300 ml - buy here (NB  Spray de Mode’s flying off the shelves so fast they can barely keep it in stock, but if it’s not on the site, there’s a button you can click – and they’ll e-mail you when a new consignment lands)
US readers find it at £15 for 4 oz – buy here

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Fact:  backcombing trashes hair.  (Just ask your granny or your mum.)  Saltwater, ditto…  But these truly brilliant new sprays from V05 are the hair-friendly alternatives.

We’ll start with V05 Plump It Up Backcomb Spray – which is just what it says on the tin:  backcombing in a spray.  No need to tease roots with a comb:  just spritz this onto dry hair, concentrating on the roots, and use your fingertips to rub it in and fluff hair up.  We’d recommend it not just for anyone trying to create a va-va-voom ‘look’, but women whose hair is on the skimpy, thin side.

V05 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray also sprays directly onto dry hair – then scrunch with fingers for an I-just-got-back-from-the-beach tousled definition to curls and waves.  There’s a touch of sea salt for authenticity – but conditioning elements, too, so you don’t suffer the same surf-induced hair damage neat seawater delivers.

Entirely hair-raising.  In a good way…

UK readers find V05 Plump It Up Backcomb Spray at£3.69 for 200 ml - buy here - and V05 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray - same price, same size - buy here

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Remember Remember DynastyRemember Dallas (yes, it’s coming back to our screens, but we’re talking about the 80s version).  Remember fah-bu-lous ‘big hair’, from that decade, generally…?

We predict it’s about to make a comeback, aided and abetted by these two products.  Jo offered to be a (human) guinea pig when these were demo-ed recently, and walked out with hair like a Park Avenue princess:  all va-va-voom and tra-la-lah.  (More volume, actually, than a sound system pumpin’ from a boy racer’s pimped Ford Fiesta.)

Oribe (say it ‘Or-Bay’) is a a legendary New York hairdresser who’s coiffed his fair share of lunching ladies, over the years – as well as J-Lo, Oprah, Kate Winslet and just about any other famous  bonce.  He’s pretty much synonymous with Big Hair, actually.

His vtamin-enriched Crème for Style is a styling cream that can be worked through dry or wet hair, before blow-drying.  (So it can be used to ‘reinflate’ an existing ‘do’ that’s dropped.)  Volumista‘s spritzed onto wet hair only, which can then be blown-dry to bigness  And we’re talking B-I-G.  (It’s also thermal-protective, helping to minimise damage from your drier.)

But we think these products would also be a godsend not just to catwalk hair stylists and image-conscious celebrities, but all women who suffer from flat or droopy hair, or hair which starts out oomph-y but drops as the day wears on.  The range is luxe-priced (and luxe-packaged, for hairstyling products), but will probably pay for itself in no time in money not spent on blow-drys.

And if you visit the website, there are some how-to videos that show you how to use Crème for Style, and some of the other Oribe creations.

Prepare for lift-off…

UK readers find Oribe Maximista at£25 for 200 ml – click here;
find Oribe Crème for Style/£27.50 for 150 ml here
US readers find Oribe Maximista/$26 for 6.8 fl oz here;  find Crème for Style/$34 for 5 fl oz – just click here



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