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Leaving aside the fact that lovely Daniel Galvin Jr. always deserves a prize for the longest product names ever (beating even Estée Lauder into a cocked hat), this is a great ‘find’.

Remember No More Tangles?  (From Johnson’s, that was the only product which allowed a comb to glide through Jo’s hair, growing up.)  Packed with organic aloe vera, this is a contemporary spin which will make the lives of mothers all over the country easier:  just spritz on, and it’s easy-peasy to get rid of those knots.  (NB  It can be used on wet or dry hair.)  The whole Galvin & Galvin Kids range is free of parabens, SLS, mineral oil or animal ingredients.

We adore the cool-as-a-real-cucumber smell.  And applaud the fact that Daniel – who collaborated on the (late-lamented) Duchy Originals haircare range – is continuing his support of the Prince of Wales’s projects, with £25,000 of the proceeds from the range earmarked for the Prince’s Trust in the first 12 months.

We think that’s rather cool.

UK readers find Galvin & Galvin Kids Organic Dubble Trubble Detangling Conditioner Spray at Morrisons stores nationwide or£2.50 for 200 ml – buy here


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The central heating’s on.

And if you had very, very sensitive hearing, you could probably hear the moisture being sucked out of your hair.  (And skin, but we’ll come onto that over some wintry Beauty Bible Loves postings.)

So:  from Ojon™ (one of our long-standing hair repairing hero brands) comes this wonder oil.

It has three ‘hair-reparative’ phases (so it’s shake-before-use, like a dual-phase eye make-up remover) – and any resemblance to a FAB ice lolly (remember those?) is purely coincidence.

The nourishing oils include ojon oil, Tahitian mono oil, marula oil, kukui nut oil and Kalahari melon oil – but if you’re thinking ‘instant grease’, you’d be wrong:  just rub one deliciously-scented drop between your palms and skim through your hair to banish dullness, tame frizz and restore silkiness.

It also looks rather gorgeous on the bathroom shelf, which never goes amiss.

We’ll be using it regularly, to avoid succumbing to the epidemic of fried-looking hair at winter’s end which is the only downside of living in a toasty, cosy, centrally-heated world that we can think of…

UK readers find Ojon Rare Blend Oil at£29 for 45 ml – buy here
US readers find it at$35 – buy here





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Stick with us.

There’s a reason this is our longest-ever posting, on

It’s not exaggerating to say we’ve heard nothing but gobsmacking reports about CONNECT.

Fans ourselves of Phylia de M CLEAN and CONDITION (shampoo and conditioner, duh), this is the ‘treatment’ product in the Californian range which has created a firestorm at Victoria Health, rocketing up the charts to become their top-selling product ever.

We’ll leave it to The London Evening Standard‘s Annabel Rivkin to rave.  ‘In February, I had one of those days when everything concertinas up on you and you need to do something in order to swerve your own internal, emotional Chernobyl. Trouble is, you usually do something bloody stupid.

And so I cut my hair off. Grim-faced, black-hearted and in a voice that did not brook argument, I said, ‘Cut. It. Off.’

I’d had long hair all my life and, for the past ten years, had bolstered it with extensions that eventually tugged on the roots, aggravated the follicles and compromised the whole lot.  Post-shearing, I was left with fluffy, flyaway tufty stuff. I necked horse-doses of chokingly vast iron tablets that gave me spots and tummy aches.  Still wispy.  Still weightless.  Woe.  Then Phylia d M.

This is a new range from LA developed by Quincy Jones’s daughter Kidada and her partner Kazu Namise, whose Japanese oncologist godfather grows the ingredients at his ranch in Mexico.  Sounds deranged but bear with me:  there is this stuff called CONNECT that you can spritz on at any time.  The point is that scalp and nerves are like soil and roots: they need nourishment to bring forth blossoms – in this case hair. Am I over-egging my metaphor?  Anyway, this stuff is full-on fertiliser.

I have been using it for a month and my hair is sprinting out of my head.  Tannic acid repairs depressed follicles, aloe motivates cells to produce keratin and fulvic acid carries said keratin to where it’s needed. And to add joy to bliss, my new hair is better, thicker hair. I am genuinely grateful.’

What’s more, CONNECT offers other beauty bonuses.  It can be sprayed onto nails to encourage nail strength.  It’s an antiseptic that encourages quicker healing and minimises scarring.  And VH’s Shabir Daya is recommending it applied with a cotton ball (though we prefer a Q-Tip) to encourage brow/lash growth s-a-f-e-l-y.

It’s been such a massive seller that CONNECT is now available in a whacking 570 ml bottle (the ‘Rephyl’) for an equally whacking £180.  But we do know that Phylia’s devotees will be flocking to stock up, even so.  (A 120 ml bottle of CONNECT is usually £45, so this is like getting an extra three-quarters of a regular bottle,  free.)

It’s a true beauty – or should we say health…? – phenomenon.  End of.

UK readers find Phylia de M CONNECT Rephyl at£180 for 570 ml – buy here

(Or do take just a couple of seconds to go to VH via the Victoria Health page on our own website site – just click here – in order to enjoy an automatic 5% discount added at checkout)

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So:  sales of dry shampoo are up.  By a whopping 140%, year-on-year.  We’re not surprised:  they’re great for extra volume when hair’s gone flat, never mind when there’s no time to wash and go.

But dry conditioner…?  We’d never heard of it either, till we tried this marvel from Percy & Reed.  You know those mornings when you wake up and hair looks dull and dry, but – not to put too fine a point on it – you can’t be a***d to slap on a hair mask?  This spritzes on a burst of very welcome moisture, leaving hair instantly smooth, soft and silky again.  No substitute for an actual mask, long-term, but a truly terrific quick fix.  (Worth pointing out:  we all have dry hair at Beauty Bible Towers;  can’t testify to what it does for greasier-scalped beauties.)

We’re big fans of Paul Percy & Adam Reed – not least because of their generosity supporting our Centrepoint makeover project (which is more significant to us than their A-list ‘celeb hairdresser’ status).  They make a Dry Shampoo that goes with the Dry Conditioner (or can be used on its own).  But perhaps best of all, we like their dry humour.

Even they can’t bottle that.

UK readers fine Percy & Reed No-Fuss Flawlessness Dry Conditioner at£12 for 150 ml by clicking here

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This is one of those ‘can £XXX for XYZ ever really be worth it…?’ postings.

And in this case, we’re talking about £103 for a set of shampoo, conditioner and a product called Connect, designed to strengthen hair.  Phew.

But our verdict, having tried these products, is:  yes, provided your kids/partner/dogs/horses don’t have to go hungry for you to buy these, then…

‘Yes’.  They absolutely are.

Now, Sarah raves about this Phylia de M 3-Step Kit trio on this edition, if you click here.  It took Jo a little longer to get round to trying them, as she’s completely rubbish at washing her own hair and had to sneak them into A Major West End Salon, to try them out before a blow-dry.

But we are all blown away by the results.  Based on entirely natural ingredients and packed with something called fulvic acid ( an ingredient proven to boost hair health – and even growth), these smell fantastic.  Just as importantly, in the short-term they have a clarifying action which has got rid of all product build-up and leaves hair, to quote Jo, ‘shiny and swingy like a child’s hair…’  It’s brightened our highlights (NB for anyone concerned about use on coloured hair), and – unlike silicone-based products – the gloss really, really lasts. (Blooming brilliant for touchy scalps, too.)

Apparently half of Hollywood is raving about this range, which is based on research into natural ingredients by a Japanese cancer specialist, Dr. Dick Miyayama.  And we’re, like, totally not surprised that it’s going down a storm in Tinseltown.

The products are available individually, if you can’t stretch to all three.

Though frankly, they’re worth eBay-ing that cupboard full of unwanted clothes/knick-knacks/general c**p that you’ve been meaning to dispose of, to get your hands on them…

UK readers find Phylia de M 3-Step Kit/£103 at if you click here
(Do go via the Victoria Health page on our site – just click here – to enjoy an automatic 5% discount added at checkout)
US readers find it at$135 for the 3-Step Kit – click here





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When the staff at John Frieda salons start ordering a product that isn’t yet available in the UK from Amazon in Germany, that’s probably a clue that something pretty special is in the pipeline – and the Full Repair range really is.  (And happily we can now get it here, so no need to scour cyberspace for this.)  There was a real buzz in the salon before we managed to get our hands on this.

Ostensibly this range has been designed for abused hair – i.e. that’s been trashed by overstyling.  But we don’t think that quite conveys its miraculous quality:  the super-lightweight formula has proved literally life-transforming for quite a few British beauties of our acquaintance.

You know the type:  fine-haired, who have to wash their hair every day.

Only now they don’t.  Several have told us they’ve managed to get two or three days out of their style, when using the shampoo and conditioner.

So when it says ‘weightless’, it truly is.  Don’t quite know how they’ve managed it, because this range is packed with omega-3 ‘micro-oils’, for that hair-repairing effect.

There’s a Shampoo, Conditioner, a fantastic Full Repair Deep Conditioner Mask and several styling products – but the product Jo is particularly taken with is Protecting Root Lift Foam.  Generally her hair holds a style for a good few days but now still has oomph at the roots right through till her next salon visit, a week later.

We can’t think of a fine-, flat-haired woman who won’t love Full Repair™ too.
UK:   Find John Frieda Full Repair™ at£5.69 for 250 ml Full Body Shampoo and Conditioner to £6.99 for 75 ml Full Repair™ Perfect Ends Sheer Mist – click here for the whole range
US:  Find the range at$6.49-9.99 for the range;  click here to find it

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