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From the bestselling Beauty Bible team: our latest product finds and classic faves – because they're worth it!


Before you faint at the price, let us explain that one pump dispenser of this truly fabulous product, based on emu oil (we promise no beast or bird is harmed) has lasted Sarah for four months, used pretty well daily.  It is so intensively moisturising that you really do only need a small amount to keep feet luscious.

Now, as beauty editors, we get sent vat-loads of products every week.  (Make than van-loads.)  Kicking around the office we probably have a have a boxful of foot creams to slosh on.  But we are so mad about this product that we go out and buy it (well, stay in and buy it, as below).  And that’s testimony to its instant effectiveness and ongoing benefits.

We are both almost fetishistic about keeping our feet cherished and nourished, actually.  We walk all the time, and one of our long-term beauty mantras is ‘happy feet = happy face’, because there is nothing more painful than hobbling around on hard skin.

Plus feet need to look good in party sandals and – of course – should your tootsies encounter another pair at the bottom of the bed, soft toes and heels are much more inviting.

What price kissable feet, eh…?

UK readers find Margaret Dabbs Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion at£25 for 200 ml – buy here
(Do go via the Victoria Health page on our site, though, at, to enjoy an automatic 5% discount added at checkout)


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Nothing worse than opening your suitcase to find your cleanser/moisturiser/body oil’s leaked all over your best holiday gear.

No chance of that, with these.

Somewhat akin to the Lush massage bars, Palm & Sole Solid Oil Moistursers look like lumps of cheese – but in contact with skin they melt at body temperature.  True multi-taskers, they can be used on face, neck, body, hands and feet to deliver nourishment.  Honestly, if space in a suitcase was a real issue, you could get away with one of these – and it’d certainly last for the whole vacation.  (Targeted at dry and mature skins, NB.)  Once used, it gets a little soft – but hardens up once it’s back in its aluminium ‘house’.

The solid moisturisers come in a screw-top travel tin, and of the four fragrances we really enjoy Sparkling:  a prettily uplifting blend of rosemary, melissa and bergamot.

Almost makes us wish we were headed to a music festival to put it through its paces properly.

We said ALMOST.

UK readers find Palm & Sole Solid Oil Moisturiser at£14 for 30 ml – click here (and enjoy free postage and packing till the end of August 2012)


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Mostly we tend to focus on specific products on Beauty Bible Loves, but we’re hard-pressed to settle on one favourite from this fab range.

Jo stumbled upon it in Provence while making her little movies with L’Occitane:  they also happen to own the Couvent (convent) – and with founder Olivier Busson being the entrepreneur that he is, it probably wasn’t going to be long before this wonderfully fragrant collection of bath/shower/bodycare/skincare/footcare/fragrance and more broke out of the gorgeous, meditative spa and made a bid for global stardom.  (The spa itself is within the former convent, and if there’s a more peaceful place for a treatment we’d like to know about it.)

The name comes from the first inhabitants of the convent (then a monastery):  the ‘Minim Brothers’ (meaning “the least”, which reflects their humbleness).  Later, Franciscan nuns took over – but the last nun left the building in 1999, and L’Occitane swooped, creating a world-class hotel.

The smells, as you might imagine, are out of this world.  We like the packaging, too, which features the shield that can be seen on the cool, thick limestone walls of the convent.  And if we’re forced to come up with a shortlist of must-haves, this is it.  (NB  We haven’t even got round to trying the skincare yet, but meanwhile these are pure body bliss…)

Le Couvent des Minimes Energizing Shower Gel.  Wonderfully uplifting whoosh of verbena and lemon, perfect for those mornings when your get-up-and-go got-up-and-went.

Gardener’s Hand Healer.  Does what it says on the tin (or rather, tube);  jam-packed with the high levels of shea butter you’d expect from any brand linked with L’Occitane.

Eau des Minimes Cologne.  A simple, classic, botanically-infused cologne:  oh-so-French, oh-so-refreshing.  (Think:  grapefruit, blood orange, lemon, rosemary, wild pansy, lemon balm, hollyhock, neroli and benzoin.)

Leg Soothing Lotion.  Love, love, love this (and the ‘matching’ Hiker’s Foot Healer, too):  ivy, red vine, cypress and spearmint work to improve micro-circulation and ease heavy legs, while grapeseed oil and shea butter nourish thirsty skin.  The Alpine mint, lemon and May Chang scent effectively awakens our senses, as well as our weary pins.

Formula No. 303 Hydrating Body Sorbet. Fabulous gel-creme texture, superb lemon-verbena scent, and wonderfully refreshing on a hot day.

Le Couvent des Minimes?   We’re almost religious in our devotion…



UK readers find the range at a couple of locations for now (or buy via the US website, below, which ships internationally);  it’s at Tesco Newport, Tesco Horwich and Tesco Dudley.

US readers find Le Couvent des Minimes at $6.50 (for Pure Vegetable Soap) to $45 (Eau des Minimes Cologne) – click here for the full website (and do have a good meander round)

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Did you hear that scrabbling sound yesterday?

That was the noise of millions of British women rootling in the back of their wardrobes for sandals, while simultaneously banishing black opaques – all thanks to our climate doing the equivalent of 0-60 in an Aston Martin.

So if, like us, the sudden onset of summer caught you and your feet/hooves unawares, you’ll want to know about this swivel-up heel moisturiser, part of Butter London‘s Waterless Pedicure collection.  Swipe it over those rhino-y bits of hard skin for instant relief and ongoing improvements.

As a result, from us, from now on, the sound you’ll be hearing is of happy, baby-soft feet in kitten heels, clicking merrily on summer pavements en route to a pavement café rendezvous.

Hurrah for summer!  And better – er, butter? – late than never.

UK readers find butter LONDON Stiletto Stick Heel Hydrating Balm/£27 at – click here
(Just take 10 seconds to visit via our site – click here – and with the code ZBEAUTYBIBLE, you can shave £2.70 off that price…)
US readers find it here/$30 at

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How excited can anyone get about toe separators?

Ridiculously, girlishly excited, over these.  After all, what is essentially a boring little foamy pedicure essential hasn’t changed – well, since the first person to decide there had to be a better way to stop a pedicure from smudging than macramé-ing a Kleenex between the tootsies.

Maybe you have to try these on to get the difference:  when they’re slotted between the toes, all you see are little pink hearts which we’d say are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face while wielding a lacquer brush.

And a total snip, at a little over a quid.  (Ye Gods, you can barely get a KitKat for that…!)

UK:  £1.09 at Superdrug

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