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Cellulite treatments

This blissful body oil is one of those long-lost favourites that just showed up on our radar again – and we love it as much as ever.

In fact, Jo loves it so much that she used to schlep a bottle with her whenever she had a massage.  And then she didn’t.  And now she’s started to again.  (Such is the life of a beauty editor, where even the most favourite products get nudged off the back of the bathroom shelf, as if in some kind of luxurious arcade game…)

It’s the smell which first seduced us:  a really mind-soothing blend of pure essential oils of juniper berry and cypress, in particular, with a zesty grapefruit overture.  Technically, it’s designed to be used daily as a skin-firming, detoxing cellulite-blitzer – and certainly, the key to effectiveness with all cellulite treatments is to use them every flipping day.  Without fail.  So find a product where the texture and fragrance delight the senses and you’ll actively look forward to ‘attacking’ your thighs and backside – whereupon you’re half-way there.

For us, though, it’s the deeply soothing, stress-busting power of the aromatic oils during an occasional professional treatment that won us over.  The oil itself is rich, so it doesn’t sink straight in – making it completely completely ideal for massage.

In fact, we now have a Pavlovian response to this:  one whiff, and we’re half-way to taking our clothes off…!


UK readers find ESPA Detoxifying Body Oil at£30 for 100 ml – click here
US readers find it at$67 for 3.38 fl oz if you click here


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