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Body scrubs

Just as tout le monde is poised to return from les vacances, we bring you:  our favourite travel set of summer.  Better late than never, we feel.  (And we’d be happy to slip this in our luggage anytime.)

We’re long-term fans of Diptyque‘s bodycare, and this features four favourite finds from the range in a black-and-white drawstring bag, inside a lovely box.  (We’re upcycling ours to store USB sticks in the office, since it’s way too nice to throw away).

Unusually, all the products in the range have different fragrances, but they seem to fuse together prettily.  (And though we’d expect nothing less than fab smells from Diptyque, the products are impressively high-performance, too.)

We think you’ll love the lot.  Let’s start with the Fresh Lotion for the Body (50 ml size), with orange blossom water:  light, but skin-quenching.   Apply it after the Revitalizing Shower Gel for Body and Hair (a useful multi-tasker, this), which has a wake-up scent of bergamot and peppermint.  (Comes in a 50 ml size, here.)  If your body needs a buff, Smoothing Body Polish does that gently and thoroughly with jojoba beads and silica microspheres, a sloosh of pomegranate seed oil for moisturisation, a scoop of peach butter – and a dash of jasmine floral water, for a lightly heady scent.  (The kit features a 50 ml tube.)

You may also be tempted to slip the Luxurious Hand Balm in your handbag, after the holiday’s over:  a sinks-in-fast balm with a fruity hint of ripe apricot, plus tonka bean.  (The 30 ml size is super-bag-friendly.)

Just crying out for a stylish boutique hotel room, to unpack it in, we think.

UK readers find Diptyque The Travel Collection at£35 – buy here




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Where are you holidaying?

Capri?  Crete?  Cornwall?

Even if you’re not going away, this to us is a vacation-in-a-jar.  Tom Ford Neroli Portofino is just about the most exquisite orange blossom eau de Cologne-style fragrance we’ve ever spritzed (also available as a new Eau Fraiche Body Splash) – and this is our favourite way to enjoy it.

It’s brilliantly body-buffing, nourishing skin with a blend of grapeseed oil, olive fruit oil and date seed extract, so that you don’t really need to moisturise afterwards.  And for hours, you get wafts of the heavenly Tunisian neroli, Sicilian lemon, mandarin, bergamot and rosemary scent.  (Which also has a teensy undertone of warming amber, to soften the zestiness.)

We concede that the whacking great jar is almost as expensive as an Easyjet flight to Italy – but this sublime scrub is definitely on our ‘Dear Birthday Fairy’ list…

UK readers find Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Body Scrub at£50 for 200 ml – just click here
US readers find it at$80 for 6.7 oz – click here


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Yoga bunnies, this one’s for you.

Or for anyone, come to that, who needs to feel a bit more chilled.  (Hang on, we’re still counting hands…)

We’ve always marvelled at the way certain fragrances can shift our mindset, instilling calm or transporting us through time and space.  In this case, impressively, we really are whisked straight to a yoga shala in India, cool breeze coming through the verandah doors, while incense trails curl up towards a thatched roof.

Well, you get our drift:  this range – from a leading Aussie naturals brand – is infused with divinely calming scents like rose attar, vetiver-y khus attar, blue lotus and champa incense, familiar to many yoga devotees.  (It’s a magnolia-like scent from the ‘Indian flower of love’.)

The collection’s extensive but all the fragrances mix-and-match well and cry out (chant out?) to be layered;  we especially like the champa-scented Meditate Body Butter, the Meditate Hand Cream with Jasmine and Meditate Shower Gel.  Not much is available on-line yet – it’s at selected Tesco stores (they’re pretty rubbish at on-line beauty) and Debenhams Oxford Street (worth a detour if you’re in the area), but Debenhams is offering one Natio Meditate Uplift Set on-line:  Meditate Hand Cream with Jasmine Attar, and the khus attar hand wash (see below for details).

The whole lot would be perfect for a yoga kit-bag, for a post-class shower.

Before you go om again…

PS  You might like to know we’ve a fab prize draw to win the whole Natio Meditate collection at if you click here – we’ve three entire sets on offer, each worth over £85.

UK readers find Natio Meditate Uplift Set at£16.50 – click here
Australian readers find the range at$9.05-17.23 – click here

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