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Body Oil


Early we may be.

But frankly, Jo starts buying her Christmas presents in February and we think there’s no such thing as ‘Too Organised’ when it comes to the festive season.

So this is our second ‘stocking filler’ suggestion (which would also be a sure-fire hit if your Secret Santa budget stretches to a tenner).

It features a trio of travel sizes of Dr.Hauschka‘s iconic (we don’t use the word lightly), bestselling rose products:  Rose Body Oil, Rose Body Moisturiser and Rose Day Cream, all packed with the blissful scent of biodynamic roses which are picked daily on their own farms while the dew’s still on the petals.

Over the years we have discovered that rose is the No. 1 favourite skincare/bodycare smell for our Beauty Bible testers – so we think you’ll love having your senses bathed in this lot.

That Christmas list…?  Your prospects of getting it all done in good time may just be looking a little rosier, with this…

UK readers find Dr.Hauschka Rose Mini Rose Trio Gift Set at£8.95 – buy here


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Weleda Body Oils are a phenomenon:  amazingly high quality body oils, at a truly steal-like price.  This bottle, for instance, retails for just £9.95 for 300 ml – a fraction of some competitors.  (And no, we don’t know how they do it – because it’s not by skimping on quality.)

This vegan-friendly Weleda Citrus Refreshing Body Oil is zesty, zippy, ultra-refreshing – and infused with the oil from organic lemons ethically sourced from family farms on the island of Sicily.  (Sicilian lemons are legendary.)

It takes 100 kilos of lemons to produce just 30g of this lemon essential oil – and the juice that’s extracted from the fruit goes into Weleda’s elixir, natural medicines and tonics, so there’s no waste.

The extraordinary thing is that the fragrance itself smells like something much more complex – like an aromatherapy-blended oil that’s been specifically created to wake you up on a sluggish morning.

We’re slurping it onto late-summer skin (dry shins especially seem to drink it up) – and just love, love, loving the scent.

And as for a beauty bargain?  Always love those.

UK readers find Weleda Citrus Refreshing Body Oil/£9.95 for 300 ml at here

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There’s nothing better for melting muscle tension, in our book, than a massage with hot stones.

But if you can’t stretch to one of those, these have something of the same soothing power.

Toss one of these little vials in the bath, while you’re bathing (the heat already starts to unkink the muscles, of course).  Then when you emerge, pat skin dry, snap off the stopper and massage the warmed oil into your body.  The all-natural blend is rich and unctuous, including sweet almond, castor and jojoba oils.  (NB  If you need to, you can pop the stopper back in and use the tube again in future.)

The tension-busting scent’s divine – think:  labdanum to relax, cedarwood for clarity, and calming vetiver (oh how we  adore vetiver…)

We also not only love skin’s ultra-nourished feel, after application, but the feeling of that warmth seeping deep into our tight muscles…

Hot stones?  We’re almost going cold on the prospect – since with these, you simply slip straight into your own comfy bed afterwards, for a deep, deep sleep…

UK readers find The Sanctuary Relax Warming Body Oils at£10.25 for five 15 ml vials – click here


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Oils in the sun…?

Very South of France circa 1977, surely.  (And the women who basted themselves with zero-factor tanning oils are the same ones who write to us now about age spots, NB.)

But at a recent (and fascinating) Decléor seminar, we discovered this oil is different.  You don’t actually wear it while sunbathing, but for a week before exposure to ‘kickstart’ melanin production, for a more even, lasting (and faster) tan.  Argan oil and rose essential oil also feature, for their age-defying effect.

It’s completely heaven-scented, too (we’d expect nothing less from Decléor):  the carrot oil and buriti oil base is infused with chamomile and geranium, and like all their many and various oils, it is silky but swiftly-absorbed.

Do not wear the oil for in-sun ‘basting’ but use the oil as a preparation in the run-up to your hols – then apply SPF as per usual, when you’re on the beach or poolside.

And look forward to a somewhat more golden moment.

UK readers find Decléor Aromessence Solaire Body Tan Activator Serum at£44.20 for 100 ml – just click here (NB  We can’t find this on-line in the States – just the face version – but you may be able to get it shipped from the UK)

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This blissful body oil is one of those long-lost favourites that just showed up on our radar again – and we love it as much as ever.

In fact, Jo loves it so much that she used to schlep a bottle with her whenever she had a massage.  And then she didn’t.  And now she’s started to again.  (Such is the life of a beauty editor, where even the most favourite products get nudged off the back of the bathroom shelf, as if in some kind of luxurious arcade game…)

It’s the smell which first seduced us:  a really mind-soothing blend of pure essential oils of juniper berry and cypress, in particular, with a zesty grapefruit overture.  Technically, it’s designed to be used daily as a skin-firming, detoxing cellulite-blitzer – and certainly, the key to effectiveness with all cellulite treatments is to use them every flipping day.  Without fail.  So find a product where the texture and fragrance delight the senses and you’ll actively look forward to ‘attacking’ your thighs and backside – whereupon you’re half-way there.

For us, though, it’s the deeply soothing, stress-busting power of the aromatic oils during an occasional professional treatment that won us over.  The oil itself is rich, so it doesn’t sink straight in – making it completely completely ideal for massage.

In fact, we now have a Pavlovian response to this:  one whiff, and we’re half-way to taking our clothes off…!


UK readers find ESPA Detoxifying Body Oil at£30 for 100 ml – click here
US readers find it at$67 for 3.38 fl oz if you click here


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