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Bath treats

Bath salts are instant nostalgia, to us.  Tardis-ed back to childhood, we are, when our mums would allow us a sprinkling of bath salts to make bath-time feel grown-up.  (No doubt with the hidden agenda:  they figured the salts might just help us to nod off better.)

But bath salts are undergoing a bit of a revival – not least because of the therapeutic powers of soaking in mineralised water.

These 100% natural salts come from a Cotswold-based skincare company, with good green credentials and a nose for a good smell.  Chuck a generous quantity of the hand-blended salts in the tub, lie back and let the fragrances waft over you.  Choose from Energising or Revitalising (we’re not quite sure what the difference is, there, but hey), Rose and Lavender, Sweet Mint (delish, that) and Sweet Lemon.  Hard to choose, frankly.

They’re brilliant for soothing weary muscles.  Post-gardening, post-riding (for Jo and Sarah respectively).  And we’ve a hunch that bath salts are about to give bath oils a run for their money, not least because it’s easier to clean the tub afterwards.

Sometimes our mothers really were right.  Darn it.

UK readers find Chery Lin Bath Salts at£12.80 – 16.30 for 400 ml – buy here




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How can you possibly get excited about a bar of soap…?

Well, we can.  Easily, with this.  The Artisan Spa‘s soaps are pretty special:  almost see-thru, they’re packed with moisturising organic vegetarian glycerine.  (The very ingredient which most soapmakers remove, for reasons best known to them…)  In fact, they’re one of the few soaps we’ve used which really doesn’t require an instant slathering of hand cream…

What we’re also keen on (as ever) are the beautiful fragrances.  Soft Mint Breeze is magically cooling in the swampily humid weather we’ve (finally) been having.  Citrus Grove mind-awakeningly blends grapefruit, bergamot, orange and patchouli, together with Maychang and cedarwood.  And our inner hippy (never far beneath the surface) is enchanted by Oriental Garland, exotically thrumming with ylang-ylang, patchouli and tangerine.

Created in a ‘soap kitchen’ (hah!) just outside Oxford, you can find them at the swanky La Residencia in Deia, while our friend and natural living guru Janey Lee Grace is also big fan.

But us?  The Artisan Spa‘s could eclipse Holby City as our favourite-ever soap.readers find The Artisan Spa soaps at£4.85 for 110 g – buy here


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Aveda‘s ‘nose’ retired, recently.  He’s the man responsible for making everything Aveda smell – well, unmistakably Aveda-esque.

Now, we love that scent as much as the next woman.  But here’s the thing:  we love the smell of this new range even more, with its soothing essential oils of lavandin, clary sage and French lavender.  (From organic farms.  In fact, the whole Stress Fix™ range is certified organic, by Ecocert.)  According to Aveda, the aroma’s clinically-proven to relieve feelings of stress.

It certainly works its magic on us – and our favourite ways to enjoy the range are the fab bath mineral bath Soaking Salts - be generous! – and the the dinky Stress Fix™ Concentrate, which is a new handbag must-have, in our lives.

Road rage?  Lack of sleep?  Just plain furious at the flaming (or rather, non-flaming) weather?

Take a deep, calming breath.  Aand whatever stress you’re feeling, this really is a ‘fix’.

UK readers find Aveda Stress Fix™/£21 for the 7 ml Stress Fix™ Concentrate and £29 for 454 gStress Fix™ Soaking Salts -  click here to find them

US readers find the products at$22 for Stress Fix™ Concentrate and $40 for 16 oz Stress Fix™ Soaking Salts - click here to find them

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