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We’re rather hoping that one lasting legacy of the Queen’s Jubilee is The Return of the Brooch.

Few of us can aspire to the dazzling diamond job Her Majesty wore to St. Paul’s (officially known as the Cullinan III and IV, and cut from the largest diamond ever found, though unofficially referred to as ‘The Granny Chips’, because they slot into Queen Mary’s crown).

But if you’re looking for something quirky, this brooch is a lovely place to start.

Andrea Garland began by decanting her lovely lip balms into vintage pots, but demand not surprisingly soon outstripped supply.  So:  she’s designed some vintage-inspired jewellery which flips open for easy slicking of her all-natural balm, which blends red raspberry seed oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil and beeswax, with anti-bacterial grapefruit and healing lavender.

Among other creations there’s a ‘fox’ ring, a necklace like a mini-Chanel-ish handbag, another like little red sunglasses – and our favourite, this 60s-inspired Grecian-look gold owl Archimedes Brooch.  Simply pin to a favourite jacket and never go dry-lipped again.  (Better still, refills are available, and we like that.)

By contrast, gobstopper diamonds seem positively impractical…

UK readers find Andrea Garland Archimedes Brooch at£34 – just click here (NB site ships worldwide and for international stockists, click here)

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As any make-up artist (including Bobbi Brown) will tell you:  the secret of seamless make-up application is the right tools.

Only who wants to lug around a great bag of brushes…?  Not us.  (Our chiropractors might like it, yes.  But not us.)

So:  Bobbi has the perfect solution with this mini-brush set.  It’s gilded.  It’s dinky.  Best of all, it fits your mobile phone/iPhone, while ‘flat’ versions of the Mini Blush Brush, Mini Eye Sweep Brush, Mini Angle Eye Shadow Brush and Mini Ultra Fine Eye Liner are tucked inside the flap for easy access.  (Technically it’s designed for the matching eye palette, but we think a phone case is way sexier.)

Just add a ‘mirror’ App, from the iTunes store – and you really will be glamorously set up for ‘Facetime’, anywhere, anytime.

UK readers find Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Mini Brush Set at£55 – click here to find it
US readers find it at$55 – click here

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We’ve all woken up with the face of a bloodhound.

Wrinkled, crumpled, more creased than the nightie we were sleeping in.

The answer:  silk.  More specifically, this bestselling SILKSKIN pillowcase, which manages to combine Hollywood glamour with practicality.

Whereas cotton (or even linen) saps the moisture from your face (and the expensive moisturiser from your epidermis), silk prevents your skin from drying out and forming creases.  The story is that the pillowcases also have the same pH as skin, and allow it to breathe while you slumber.  (The bonus:  hair slides smoothly over the pillow so you don’t wake up as a ‘bed-head’.)

We can so imagine Jean Harlow or Greta Garbo or Marilyn herself resting their weary heads on these pillowcases.

Which makes us feel we’re in rather elegant company…

UK readers find SILKSKIN Original Silk Pillowcase/£39 at – click here

(Do go via the Victoria Health page on our site, though – just click here – to enjoy an automatic 5% discount added at checkout)

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This isn’t a beauty product.

But it looks just like one.

Which is the whole point:  you slip your iPhone/keys/
money inside when you’re splashing about in the waves, and any snooping would-be thief just thinks it’s your SPF.  As anyone who’s had their stuff nicked out of a beach bag knows, that’s a real holiday-wrecker.

If you were really a Blue Peter type, you could probably make one yourself from an empty suntan lotion bottle, but at this price why bother with the D-I-Y…?

UK readers find the TanSafe Portable Beach Safe/£7.95 at – just click here

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All nail clippers are created equal, right?

Well, no.  Urbanista’s not only come in eye-popping colours (there’s also a fluoro lime and yellow), but the rubber handle’s pleasantly padded for comfier clipping.

There are other terrific tools in the range, too:  we also like the ergonomically-designed foot buffer.  But most of all, we like a nail clipper that puts a smile on our faces.  Clipping ‘Eck, indeed.


UK readers find Clipping ‘Eck Nail Clippers at£4.99 – click here

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Oh, joy.

Oh, joy of joys.

These are quite the loveliest brushes which have whisked across our cheeks in a long, long time.  They’re from the new Liz Earle Colour collection, and are synthetic (which also means cruelty-free).  But the textures are really fantastic and they deliver make-up in a really beautiful, light way – with no harsh ‘edges’.

There’s a little Concealer Brush (genius!), Blusher Brush and the fabbest of all (also Liz’s fave), the Powder Brush.

We like the  silky feel of them so much that when we get stressed, we’ve been known to reach into our make-up bags and just stroke them soothingly across our faces.

Sad.  But true.

UK readers find the Liz Earle Colour Accessories/£13-20 – just click here

PS  We have a fanastic competition on our Beauty Bible website to win an entire collection of Liz Earle Colour, including the brilliant brushes – just click here for the entry page…


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Cue soundtrack from Jaws.

That’s basically the sound of summer approaching.

Beaches.  Swimwear.  Skimpy tops.

Which means just one thing:  if you aren’t already body brushing, it’s time you started, because there really is nothing (in our opinion) to rival this, for helping to smooth out lumps and bumps and generally boost body circulation.  In terms of banishing cellulite, we believe body-brushing tops the effectiveness charts.

The key is:  you’ve got to do it daily – absolutely every day -  for a few minutes, and always using sweeping movements towards the heart.  (So:  up the legs and arms.)  This clever brush from Temple Spa fits over the hand (rather like the brushes Sarah uses to groom her four-legged rescued steeds), making it really easy.  The bristles are Goldilocks-esque:  not too scratchy, not too soft – just perfect.

And the bonus is:  because it revs up circulation, you really do feel as if you’ve been for a brisk walk, too.  A great waker-upper for the morning.  Summer and winter…

UK readers find it here at£16

PS  This fab brush features in a prize draw on our main www.beautybible.comsite, alongside with other brilliant summer body blitzers from Temple Spa.  Click here to enter…

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