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Liz Earle Brushes

Oh, joy.

Oh, joy of joys.

These are quite the loveliest brushes which have whisked across our cheeks in a long, long time.  They’re from the new Liz Earle Colour collection, and are synthetic (which also means cruelty-free).  But the textures are really fantastic and they deliver make-up in a really beautiful, light way – with no harsh ‘edges’.

There’s a little Concealer Brush (genius!), Blusher Brush and the fabbest of all (also Liz’s fave), the Powder Brush.

We like the  silky feel of them so much that when we get stressed, we’ve been known to reach into our make-up bags and just stroke them soothingly across our faces.

Sad.  But true.

UK readers find the Liz Earle Colour Accessories/£13-20 – just click here

PS  We have a fanastic competition on our Beauty Bible website to win an entire collection of Liz Earle Colour, including the brilliant brushes – just click here for the entry page…