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Noble Isle Oak Hertford Heath Hair & Body Wash

We trust by now you are waving your flags while glued to the Olympics.

(In our case, Union Jacks – though we know this blog attracts readers from round the world, and we wish your teams well.  Unless they’re up against ours, of course…)

A good time, then, to wave the flag for a truly British new brand, Noble Isle, which features ingredients from around the UK infused into bodycare/haircare, and candles.

Think:  Heather Honey sourced from the Scottish highlands, sea oak from west Cork in Sea of Green Roaringwater Bay, rhubarb (yes, rhubarb) in the Rhubarb, Rhubarb! collection – and our favourite:  the deeply woody and unisex Oak Hertford Heath range, using extract of oak from the majestic old ‘Lightning Oak’ of Halleybury College, in Hertfordshire.  It was struck by lightning but went on to thrive again.  (The equivalent of some of our athletes’ careers, perhaps.)

Within this last collection we’re especially loving Oak Hertford Heath Hair & Body Wash – an excellent multi-tasker (it really does perform both tasks well), and wonderfully grounding.

Deserves to be slipped into in a few gym bags at the Olympic Stadium, we’d say.

UK readers find Noble Isle Oak Hertford Heath Hair & Body Wash at£20 for 250 ml – click here