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MAD Beauty Cocktail Shaker Hand & Body Lotion

It’s Friday.

Fancy a cocktail?

Fancy a cocktail of skin-nourishing shea butter and vitamin E, actually, infused with a fruit scent…?

We just adore the packaging of these MAD Beauty Cocktail Shaker Hand & Body Lotions – and can think of several teenagers just old enough to hit the Bacardi Breezers who we’ll be giving them to.  (Though our advice:  go for Apple Martini or Cranberry Cosmopolitan – nicely tangy, that – rather than Strawberry Daiquiri, which tips over slightly into Opal Fruit-iness.)

The thing about MAD Beauty’s creations, we’ve found, is that they look girly and gimmicky but perform rather well:  notwithstanding the funky bottle (there’s a pump, beneath that silver shaker-top), the lotion itself is deliciously and instantly skin-quenching, even for mature skins like ours.

Chin, chin!!!

UK readers find MAD Beauty Cocktail Shaker Hand & Body Cream at£8.99 for 300 ml – click here