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Crème de la Mer The Reparative Body Lotion

We will grant you this costs an arm and a leg.  But it will be a supremely well-moisturised arm and leg, just a short while after you’ve started using Sarah’s new favourite body treatment.  (Since she is getting married shortly, extra TLC for skin top-to-toe is on her priority list right now.)

Plus, she points out, while definitely a splurge it’s a ‘huge’ bottle, ‘and you only need a little for a really big effect.’

Like all Crème de la Mer products (a range originally created by a NASA physicist), pump-action, anti-ageing The Reparative Body Lotion features their signature ‘Miracle Broth:  a famous blend of marine algae to which (so legend has it) music is played, while it’s being fermented.  (In bored moments, we’ve had quite a lot of fun figuring out what that might be.  Debussy’s La Mer, aptly…?  Or ‘I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside’, perchance…?)

In truth we’re rather more interested in results than ingredients, at Beauty Bible:  what turns us on here is its super-smooth texture and mega-hydrating power.  And if you’re a reader who’s already driving a  car and living in a Wentworth/Bel Air Mansion, truth is:  the price is probably a drop in the (algae-rich) ocean.

UK readers click here to find it at£120 for 200 ml (also at Crème de la Mer counters nationwide)
US readers click here to find it at